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*sighs and cracks knuckles* Hey fellow writers! I'm BAAAAAAACK! I'm so sorry for the sudden disappearance, but that was because I had serious health issues to deal with. But now... heh. *devilish smile* I'm back. Although I don't know how frequently I will be writing, I will surely try to keep up with any updates that come along! Please read and enjoy my stories! AUTHORS I STAN: Everyone in my Following list. Soft corner in my heart for: Roshna Rusinia Nayab Ahmar Abigail Airuedomwinya Noor Ahmed Corey Melin Anja Z Mehak Aneja Imane Sah. Lynn Penny Twilight Bee B. W. Aerin Rebecca (... and so many more, but I got tired after writing the first few.) MY DREAM ON REEDSY: See myself on the top ten names on the leaderboard, even if it is just for a day.