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My name will most likely stay the same from now on. My profile pictures? Not so much. Status report: Posted my third TikTok edit. If my writing can't go smoothly, at least my editing can! I'm on Wattpad as well! My username is @PhoenixAngel24, and my pen name is my original one. "Chasing Ghosts" is on there with improvements in the wording, plus an all-new prologue! If you want to, come along and read "Chasing Ghosts," the fanfiction series that finally has an official title: -One Night in Cuba -Life Over Loyalty (parts 1 and 2) -Finding the Light -Don't Call Me Helen (parts 1 and 2) -Down and Dirty -Couples' Therapy -Assassination Elimination -Equal Footing -With a Vengeance -Goodbye, Princess -In Death's Arms -Lost and Found -Forbidden Fruit -Like the Rising Sun -Moments -Confidential -The Only One -The Undertaking -Into the Lion's Den -The Past Isn't Always Past -Pandora's Box (parts 1 and 2) -It's (Not) Okay -Blood, Sweat, and Tears (parts 1 and 2) -The Rogue Rodeo (parts 1 and 2) -Mind Games -Burn the World Down -No Choice (parts 1 and 2) -Darkness (parts 1 and 2) -The Rescue -Revelations -Memories of Madness (parts 1 and 2) -You're Done Other stories, not part of any series: -Mask Off, Darling -Despair -Marina -Two Brothers Are Better Than One