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ᏕᏦᏒᎥᏰᏰᏝᏕ ᎦᎧᏒᏋᏉᏋᏒ <3 An Ode To Winter: In the bleak of midwinter, A majesty of a silence so old, A lakebed of long abandoned memories, Enclosed beneath a quiet cold, A simplicity of grace and fluency, That the windswept gales blithely foretold, In a bygone winter so empty, Silent, Old. You’ll notice that my profile picture has changed. Meet Gary, The Green Dinosaur. Gary was crafted from cheap rice clay bought at Walmart. He sits beside a bridge crafted from plastic, and behind him is a vaguely visible temple. He sits in the pale sands of my zen garden, a gentle, majestic sand stream, crafted with a metallic fork, cutting through the quiet valley of stones and pebbles. Gary The Green Dinosaur sits here, patiently waiting to receive his long-ago online ordered shoe inserts, and demanding that a free pepperoni pizza be sent to him immediately, for he claims to have come across a free-pizza coupon in his gossip magazines. He wishes you all the best, and if you are to come across his online ordered shoe inserts at your doorstep, he kindly asks of you to return them to him immediately.