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Hey. I know pretty much all of you have read this basic rant about downvoting and points and the leaderboard at least seventy-two times, and the last thing I want you to do is to roll your eyes and say, “Not this again.”, so I’ll make this easy for you: I’ve been telling myself that Reedsy is a welcoming, wonderful community, but, honestly, I don’t know how true that is anymore. When I first set up my account somewhere around late October, I thought that Reedsy was the coolest website there was, and for a while, it consumed half of my brain. Everything about Reedsy was so cool, and I wanted to spend my weekends having fun and writing stories. I liked and commented on my first story in early October, and the author I had written to gave me something in return. She liked my stories and gave me feedback, even checked my stories for grammatical errors, and I thought she was so cool. She was my first friend in this community, and I looked up to her. For a while, she was gone. I wrote more stories, made more friends, and had fun, like I had intended to. Everything was going accordingly, and it was around that time that downvoting began to corrupt people. It was getting harder for me to write, and to have fun, with massive amounts of pressure and writer’s block piled on top of me like dozens of wet, wool blankets. I couldn’t keep up. So I left. Then I came back. And then one of my best friends on this platform left. And for a while, I left too. It was a cycle. It just kept happening over and over again. Then, my first friend in this community came back. And guess what? After a while, she left too. So did I. Then I came back, partially because I thought I could make things better, but I couldn’t. So, you guessed it, I’m leaving again. Take a look around this community. Take a look at all this confusion and hate, just because of, what, a couple hundred points. Honestly, I can’t take it anymore, you guys, and I mean that in the nicest way possible, because you guys are amazing. You’re some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and I’m going to miss you so much. And, it’s not just because of all this silly downvoting that I’m leaving. It’s also because, even though I love you guys, and it kills me to think that I might never see you again, it’s better this way, for my own good. And I can’t say how sorry I am. I love you all, okay? I’m not leaving because of you, because all you ever gave me was kindness and encouragement, and I totally respect that. I’m just leaving because I need a break. A long break. I’m going to miss you all so much. Stay safe.