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Hello, it's me. My most popular stories: 1. "Pay Me Reedsy" is about going to Reedsy's corporate offices and holding them hostage with a bomb. 2. Stagemonkey: is about doing stand-up comedy and heartbreak. 3. Daddy Issues: is about receiving everyone's favorite package in the mail: a toe. I enjoy long walks and making gluten-free bread loaves with my partner Brinx when I don’t burn them. I will never say no to a good Chuck Palahniuk book. I hate cotton balls touching my skin, or when sugar-free jello hasn't solidified. I write short comedic, thriller, horror, and sci-fi fiction stories, with the occasional tear-jerker. I like comments and will give honest feedback. Don't be shy, just make sure you drink water and don't use conditioner on your roots.