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Been really absent for a while so I'm sorry for that. I do reply to comments and follow people who follow me though. I'll try to be more active this week. Ooookay, soooooooo... My story "Ready" was released and it stars Ivy Carter and Charlie Alden, featuring brief mentions of Brooke and Adrien. Check out the authors featured: Ivy: Brooke: The other two characters were created by real authors as well as myself so they have no account. I also released my new story "Promise Me" which is another addition to my TSD series. I know, crazy right? As always, feedback is appreciated. Please check out all these amazing authors who star in The Soaring Dragons: Brooke: Abigail (Fawn): Litlover (Luke): Mira: Radhika (Katniss): Nainika: Ivy: Amazing, amazing authors. One question for Abigail Cross, recognize how you died??