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<Being that girl whose not afraid> #My personal fav-- ✓Let the Beauty Never Fade ✓Guns and Pretends 10/8/21 -- I am taking a break but I'll try to keep up with the updates. Feel free to comment any critique or in case there is a story of yours you'd like me to read. :) If my mind comes up with something good, I'd be sure to post it, but probably only on my profile. Personally, I wish Reedsy would stop taking contest fees. It hinders the talents of many writers who fail to pay the amount. Before ending, here are the authors that have always inspired and helped me -- @Johana Htwe (the amazing woman now who's my best true friend forever - thank you reedsy for that) @Alex Sultan (the brilliant writer who helped me a lot with each of my passing stories) @Daniel Hayes (The master of titles and gore stories, I love each and every one of his posts.) @Delia Strange (Yep, the one whose each story stands at the hall of shortlisted. She is a brilliant inspiring writer) @Shane Ransom (The man who got his every story recognised. An outstanding idol.) @Elizabeth Napier (Go check her out if you haven't but be ready to be stunned) @Danny G (His stories...ooh, they'll play with every nerve of your mind, don't say I didn't warn ye) @Akshara Parankusham & @Fiery Red. (Ah my dear friends, the ones who always have read my every story and nevertheless motivated me each time.) @Joshua G.J Insole (Well, no introduction needed, common man! who doesn't know him) @Kanika G. I'll try changing them every now and then, these few names couldn't compensate for so many friends I have made. AT LAST, ENDING WITH A BEAUTIFUL QUOTE "We've all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on, that's who we really are." Goodbye! I'll be back soon, I promise.