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Jn (aka Jenny, Jean, Jen, or Janey or Haney seriously why do I have so many names) is a (hopefully) young, fresh Asian girl who lives with her family and circle of wizard friends, fairies who always bothers her while doing homework, and unicorns who always prance around in her room to make it messy. She likes (thinking about) writing, reading, studying and teaching languages, and just ruining around the room or staring at the whitewashed wall while sending her mind away to somewhere only she and her characters know. Special thanks to: >Roshna Rusiyana (for reading my stories and encouraging me) >Batool Hussain (For always being prompt to read my stories.) >Rayhan Hidayat (For consistently supporting me) >Charles Stucker (For reading my stories carefully and giving a structured critique) >Pepper Mint (For being funny and supporting me) Amazing writers! A. Tringale (Amazing thriller and horror writer) Roshna Rusiyana (Her stories have philosophy) Rhondalise Mitza (Unicorn queen and romance master. Her plot and characters are immediately endearing and the universe is enchanting) Batool Hussain (Beautiful word choices and interesting topic.) Abigail Airuedomwinya (Magical words woven into deep topics will enchant you to smile and cry and think) Courtney Stuart (Her writing is a beautiful song. Her notes are sometimes spooky and sometimes sweet) Deborah Angevin (Her story is a sharp eyes that look through people's hearts, and her words cause you to look through different stereotypes and points of view) Phoebe Barr (Won contest two times and she deserves it. The stories are witty and fun but deep) Rayhan Hidayat (You can't know where he can bring you to. You can see all kinds of wit and wisdom shining through his words.) Charles Stucker (Twisted and undefined emotions (indirectly) pop out from restrained expressions. The plot is interesting and ending is unexpected.) Pepper Mint (often has good sense of naming her stories and her stories have her unique wit.;)