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> I'm a girl who dreams to be an author, and I like reading and writing stories and poetry. >I write them in the patches of the sky and the rays of sunlight and on the white forehead of the Queen Moon. Then, I collect them and squeeze it into my little rusty volcano, hoping that it would erupt someday. I'm currently working on the construction of my (fake) university. Now I'm so young and simple that I only can make little moons and dusts and baby stars, but when I grow wiser I would (hopefully) make decent galaxies and octagon-shaped planets. My loftiest goal is to make a massive Black hole. Would you like to invite me to some of your planets? I would love to admire them! >Please be sure to check out Emily Nghiem, Abigail Airuedomwinya, A. Triangle, Rhondalise Mitza, Roshna Rusiniya, Batool Hussain, Halim Park,and everyone else in my library! > please check out my new instagram account: @janeypark