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From Erie, PA to London, UK, with a few stops along the way, seems I'm always the outsider looking in. I'm happy to trade critiques, simply let me know which story of yours you'd like me to review when you leave a critique on one of mine. Some of my favourite writers on here (in no particular order) and if I remember, I'll rotate the list regularly as there are many more!: Claire Lewis David G Frances Reine Rachel Loughran Nina Chyll Kristin Neubauer K Antonio Ash Jarvis Thom Brodkin Michael Boquet And you should check out Beth Connor's writing and captivating podcast, Crossroads Cantina: https://crossroadscantinapodcast.com/ ⭐ Shortlisted Stories ⭐ The Lorelei, Contest #83 Rooted, Contest #90 If you're still reading, a bit of background. I went to school for a long time and collected a number of degrees (Cognitive Psychology, Professional Writing, German), some more useful than others. I've not tried creative writing since I was a teen, when I wrote funny absurd stories (just for my friends), Now, decades later, I'm channeling my inner absurdist once again, and even sharing with strangers. :)