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Hello! My name is Hannah. I love to read, write, draw, play piano, and play tennis. I really appreciate ReedsyPrompts, because it give me time to write fun stories that might be related to real life. My favourite authors on Reedsy to look up to has to be Annalisa D. and Amanda Lieser. They write amazing stories that gives me inspiration for some of mine. I want to thank all of my followers, likers, and commenters for the compliments and feedbacks. Thank you so much for enjoying my stories. (Notice- Due to busy schedules, stories shall be posted only once/twice a month. Thank you for understanding.) Most Popular Story: Dancing Willow- 16 Likes, 4 Comments Recommended Stories: BY LIKES~ Dancing Willow- 16 Likes The Can of Four Seasons- 14 Likes The Last Thing- 11 Likes BY COMMENTS~ Dancing Willow- 4 Comments Witches at the Palace- 2 Comments I Bid Farewell as You Soar Free- 2 Comments