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Special Announcements! -"The Fighter 2" is out now! It is a sequel to an older story of mine. -I am still Brooke D., but I just changed my name to a Halloween-themed name. -Megan Sutherland was thinking about leaving for a little bit. Now she is staying, but I am challenging everyone who is reading this to go over to her account and 'like' every single one of her stories. This is a challenge! Go do it and make her feel good. Everyone needs it. Please do it! Thank you! (And comment on one of my stories if you took the challenge and completed it!) -Woah! 300+ followers?! How is this even possible?! Thank you guys so much! -I finally switched my profile picture so it is fall-themed. -I vote that we all call ourselves 'Reeders'. Credit to Zilla Babbit for the name. Repost this in your bio if you agree. Hello! I am Brooke, an aspiring young writer who hopes to go professional some day. I enjoy doing many things, including writing (obviously), reading, drawing (well, only a little), binge-watching Netflix, four-wheeling and side-by-siding, walking in the woods, and playing with my pets. Random Fact : I use way too many exclamation marks in comments. Please ignore this habit of mine. A couple of words that describe me are : intelligent, impatient, quirky, crazy, persistent, and kind. Top 10 Reedsy People (It will change every once in a while) : 1.) Ann Rapp 2.) Alby Carter 3.) A bag of Spiced fingers 4.) Avery G. 5.) Roxanna c Revell 6.) Dalyane Deblois 7.) Joseph Sauers 8.) Weary Werewolf 9.) Fox Creeper 10.) Unknown User To add onto that, you absolutely HAVE to go check out Megan Sutherland. She is my best (online) friend, and I so wish we could meet in real life. Go check her out because she is the sweetest person you will ever talk to, and she always leaves the best feedback on your stories. Go! Now! Check her out! :D Well, that's it for now! See you guys around! -Brooke