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I am in a Vivziepop phase and refuse to leave :> I swear I'll write soon You gotta hear this. It's not a rick-roll. It's beautiful. Quick update. I'm going through some stuff, and I don't know whats wrong with me. I found something and it feels right, but it's not normal. I'm here, though. I think I'm gonna post a literal She-Ra fanfic here, that's how messed-up I am today. Happy pride moth, my chicken nuggets. Drop by on June 10, that's Asexual Awareness Day. Don't read my old stories, they're cringiness incarnate. We all have bad days. It's just a little insulting when yesterday was a good day and today it's trash. *Please read whole bio* *Scroll down juuust a bit* *I've a new notification for y'all* Noop noop, Em here! Be a decent human and I’ll love you right back :) Noop noop I hate mah bones I HAVE NEVER BEEN THE TYPE TO TRY AND GRAB THE STOPLIGHT just kidding I love attention :) I am drowning in the Hamilton fandom, so excuse me for a moment while I fangirl over dead people. Hmm do I wanna be the next Johnny Depp or the next Lin-Manuel Miranda? Depends on how good my improv is. Dream rolls now include Elphaba, Aaron Burr, Belle, and a dozen other characters I cannot play on account of being (a) female and (b) an alto. Well, this is cheerful... basically all of them. #thelineproject (I added black for some thoughts of it but I never actually, ya know... anyway, some websites/charts say it can count for thoughts like that, so...) (hold on, still indescisive. Later, this shall be here) About moi: I am Christian, queer, and all-around awkward. My mental health problems could build a ladder to the sky and my creativity could be used to build it into a safe staircase with an accessible wheelchair ramp. Sexuality: Asexual but girls are cute Gender: Tis a girl Age: I genuinely forgot :P Name: Y’all already know I’m Em, but a rare few may know me as Eve, too. But Eve is a sometimes name. It;’s complicated. Dream career: Bro, did you even read my bio, I’m obsessed with acting. I support: You! No matter your gender, religion, worldview, age, ability, you matter. Unless you’re an abusive bully-jerkface. In that case, you probably aren’t even on my page and I’m just projecting my loathing of abusive bully-jerks through the universe. Other stuff: I say made-up gibberish a lot. Pay it no mind. I like role-plays. Message me on Pinterest @PeaceLoveRainstorms if you want to RP. I say I am very gay a lot, I also say I love Jesus, these things are okay to go hand in hand, God gave us the ability to love. Also, I am not actually very gay cause reasons. I am very liking Jesus, though. You know what? I don’t actually like real humans so ignore this whole thing. Online friends are cool, though. I’m trying to write a musical. People are still doing this so #StopDownvotingNow #SupportFellowWriters #meep #speedwriterskinda* #whenyouranxietyhasanxiety #whenyoukeepspellinganxietywrong #commentstalkers #whatareothervalidhashtags #I’minschool #butreedsyismoreimportant #halfmyfriendsareonline #writer’sblockcangodieinthetrash #AmeandEm #writingistherapy #nerdproblems #speedwriters #weridbuddies #wolves4life #booknerd #questionthingsalways #thestruggletoputyourthoughtsintowordsisreal #commentstalker #myhandscanttypeasfastasmybrainwantsthemto #icantspell #fidgetypeeps #tRoUbLeMaKeRs #deniesthefacts #talkingtoyourselfisfun #darkhumorrrrrr #TheGirlNoOneNotices #toomanyhashtags If you are abused, know someone who may try to take their life, or need help, these are links to posts with hotlines/information you can call. I just found them and thought to put it out there. Okay I will write more alter farewell friends, until we meet again :)