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I started writing in eighth grade when a guidance counselor suggested I keep a journal. I wish I could remember her name now, because that advice was some of the best I have received. I wrote a few diary entries, but more often I found myself writing stories instead, it felt like I was born for it. I had a poem published in the school paper that year. It was eighth grade, so the year was 1990 or 1991, Marion JR-SR high school in Marion, NY. Life happens, and like many people do, I buried my gifts and desire to write, for many years. There were many reasons for this, ones I won't bore you with getting into. I lived my life, had a daughter, got married. My husband inspires me so much. Just him being in my life brought that desire to write back to life. So here I am! Also, the second best piece of advice I have received came from my Introduction to Literature professor at Finger Lakes Community College, Professor Katherine Clarke, one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She told me: "Don't doubt yourself; it just gets you into trouble" When my book gets published, I am going to credit her, along with my husband, and the guidance counselor, whose name I wish I could remember, who worked at Marion Jr-Sr highschool in the early ninties. If not for them, I never would have started writing, or continued. I write under the pen name Annie James. I mostly horror/thriller fiction. I post on WordPress, and on Reddit, under the username I_am_number_7 Current projects: E-book tentatively titled Forge of Seven Description: Everyone has heard of Frankenstein's Monster. But what if Frankenstein's monster wasn't hideous? What if he wasn't a he, but was a woman, a beautiful woman that didn't look like a monster? In Elephant Island, Antarctica, there is a secret research facility called Origen. They do genetic testing, trying to create super soldiers. There have been many failures. Some of the beings created were half human and half monster. Some escaped; if you have ever heard a monster story, you were hearing a true story, about one of those creatures, that had come into contact with a human being who lived to tell the tale. When Dr Joseph Silva took over as Origen's head researcher, he created seven viable embroyos, the genetic experiments finally achieved the goal. The subjects looked human. One in particular showed high intelligence, enhanced ability to learn, speed and strength beyond most humans. The ability to heal rapidly. This subject wasn't given a name, just a number. She was called Number Seven, or just Seven. When Seven hit puberty, she developed the ability to shape shift, but she kept it a secret. She chose the form of a wolf, because of this animals resilience to cold, which would aid her when she was finally able to escape from Elephant Island. She chose a name for herself. Ze'eva. In Hebrew it means "She-wolf" This book is still a work in progress. In the meantime, I have entered a few writing competitions in order to build my portfolio and make connections in the literary world. Connect with me: Twitter @charmony7777 Facebook: @anniejamesauthor