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·.¸¸.·♩♪♫ ςĦⒾᵖ ŴιєgÃᑎđ ♫♪♩·.¸¸.· Unfortunately, we are not permitted to edit/update our stories with newer drafts, so all my stories, in their latest drafts, are available on my website - I'm an expat from the US living in Colombia, enjoying the year-round spring of the Colombian Andes. I'm also a widower who was doing something I never dreamed of doing - teaching English as a foreign language. I recently retired even from that. Then I started to put pen to paper in my free time and have written - short stories, a novel (completed third draft), almost completed 2nd novel, and some poetry. Please leave comments on my short stories, as I mentioned - I'm new at writing and need all the help I can get. :) My website - On my website is a page 'My Writings' which has more short stories I've written, one is a writing exercise in using no discourse markers as well as no background descriptions, only dialogue. Another was an exercise in stream of consciousness writing. I try to post a new story to my website every 3 - 5 days, so check back often and please be sure to leave comments. The stories I post here on Reedsy are/will be on my website, and other stories that are not here are on the site. I can also be found on the Wattpad site where some of the stories here have been lengthened a little. I'm a 100% "follow-backer", are you? Not likely. A follow-back shows respect. Apparently, there are a lot of people with little or no respect for their fellow website users. No matter what excuse a person uses to not follow-back, it all boils down to one point - showing respect for those that showed you the respect to follow you.