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I have a couple of pets, including Champ my dog, Macy and Jaxx my cats, plus Harry, Ron, and Dumbledore my fish. In third grade, I was introduced to Google Drive, and that's what started my writing. I was kind of a bad writer back then, but I have definitely grown, and my writing is a lot better in my opinion. As of right now, I am working on several smaller stories, and a big (hopefully) novel. I love to write, read, sing, dance, play basketball, bake, and hang out with my pets! I will take anyone's feedback, no matter how old you are! I enjoy reading people's comments on my stories! :) By the way, shout-out to my cousin (and best friend) Reegan! Btw, she wanted me to put this in. (; Keep writing and stay safe! -Brooke D.