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Hey there everyone, I'm B.W. and here's some of the basic things about me: I love seeing that dot, so always talk to me when you want to. I make a lot of stories because I get a lot of ideas almost every day. I love Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson. I'm working on FOUR novels at the moment (i told you i get a lot of ideas) so if you have ANY questions about any of them, feel free to ask ^^ I'm also thinking of making a fifth novel. I suck at describing how my friends are but still they ARE my friends and they have some really great things, you should check these people out: Laiba M Kate Ulrich Gruesome ghost/Brooke D. Vayd Danish Kylie Megan Sutherland Adrienne Flemming Orenda/A bag of spiced fingers Aerin B/Cereal killer This isn't EVERYONE but you all should still check these people out ^^