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the stars would be so proud to know their atoms created you *sigh* Amaya (Biblio_Phile) is an avid reader and writer. She is currently working on a novel. She is a ravenpuff. (ravenpuff or huffleclaw?) Some of her favorite things include blankets, notebooks, fuzzy socks, dogs, daydreaming, pastel purple, lip balm, the smell of lavender, low ponytails and messy buns, reading and writing (of course), gel pens, poems, and quotes. She loves fall because of her October birthday and, I mean, PUMPKINS. She often prefers to be by herself, but still loves hanging out with people (just not in huge groups). Credit to Amany Sayed for the third person bio idea! Novel Status: writing chapter two Shout-outs: Esme Zahra- honestly such a good writer but doesn't believe in herself enough, go hype her up! Adrienne Flemming- so fun to talk to, gives good advice, one of the best writers on this website! Known for her "bada** flair" and can kick anyone's butt. Yeah, you should be scared Charles Stucker- I think this one is kind of obvious Zilla Babbit- her ADVICE is so amazing, I recommend asking her for some Vayd Danish- really funny, fun to talk to