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✨ Updates Hey, there, everyone!! ✨ I'm back, mi amigos! ✨Profile Pic: Bailey Ward from Switch Craft ✨If you can guess my name correctly, I'll give you a surprise. Comment your guesses in one of my stories. Clues: 1. Starts with Ash. 2. Not that popular name. 3. Close to my penname, but, still distinctive. 4. My real nickname is also Ash Your time starts now...⌚ Winners: Si aka Sienna Findlay Dhwanana aka Dhwani Jain Gale aka Abigaile Cross ✨ Yay!! I crossed double century!! Thank you everyone, especially Sienna who sneaked in more than 10 karma points somehow (I have no idea how the heck she did that) for the love and support you all are showering on me!! ✨Doing part 2 of the collab with Si!! Yay!! Sooooo excited for this!!!! ✨ Part 1 of collab with Sienna out!! ✨Songs I'm obsessed with right now: Runaway: Sebastian Yatra, Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Jonas Brothers Summer of Love: Shawn Mendes, Tainy Latina Loca: Alex Mica, DEP, Kalif Con Calma: Daddy Yankee, Snow Thanks for stopping by!! I'd like to thank all those wonderful people here who have upvoted my stories and followed me and also commented on my stories. TYSM guys!! Love ya all!! I’m Ashlynn. I’m just a naïve, immature Indian (proud to be an Indian!!) teenager who daydreams and chatters a lot (most of the time people find it annoying lol). I’m a rookie writer and it’s only been about a year since I started writing (I started writing earlier but it was in my mother-tongue). “Dime que estás sola y que nadie te ve como yo Dime que no pasan las horas si estamos los dos Y te juro que si conmigo te vas Siempre con un beso vas a despertar Y si te enamoras te juro que me enamoro De ti-i-i-i-i, eh ¡De ti-i-i-i-i!” “Cuando la noche se convierte en un amanecer Yo nunca supe enamorarme y me pasó contigo Sólo me pasa contigo Busqué en la vida mil razones para ser feliz Hoy tengo todo lo que quiero y es gracias a ti Todo fue gracias a ti ¡Todo fue gracias a ti, oh-oh!” 𝕾𝖔𝖑𝖆, 𝕷𝖚𝖎𝖘 𝕱𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖎 I’m currently a freshman in high school and according to what I’ve been experiencing right now, High-school is pretty damn cool! (I hope I’m not only the one who says this) Other than constantly ranting to my bestie about random things I love, writing stories, and daydreaming (obviously, cause I’m an Aquarius) I enjoy listening to music (Amanté de la Música) singing out loud ignoring everyone around, playing the piano, collecting music boxes, stalking my friends’ Reedsy accounts and liking their stories, speaking Española, reading, binge-watching Amazon Prime and Disney + Hotstar, and sketching and doodling random characters I love. Amazing Reedsians (please go follow them) Maraika: My first friend here. Funny, friendly, and a very amazing writer, even though she won't admit that. Sienna Findlay aka Si: Another amazing writer and an Aquarius just like I am. I got no words to say how amazing and sweet she is. I'm her first friend in Reedsy. We're like soul sisters. :D Nuala and Nadia: Maraika’s real-life friends. I’m not that close to them. But, they both are amazing writers. Dhwani Jain aka Dhwanana: A fellow Indian writer. The only writer from India who I'm good friends with. The only one who knows my real name other than Maraika and Si. Awesome writer, amazing friend and many more!! Adharvika Drithi: My real-life best friend and classmate. We’re besties forever. A wonderful violinist (sometimes she won’t admit that). She has a cute little brother and we are good friends. She is planning to write short stories. She is the first person who hears about all of my story ideas. She has even contributed to my short stories. Motivates and cheers me when I’m down. Special mention: Bella Jade, The Masked Writer and everyone who I follow and who follow. You guys are all amazing!! #writersneednosleep #totaldork #fangirl4life #nerdynerd #tooawesomeforthisworld #daydreamerforever #obsessedwithreggae #fonsiarmy #trueaquarius Nicknames: Ash Aachu (as in sneeze) Noodles (cause of my black curly hair) Sneezu Lynnie (By Abigail Cross) If you've got some fun nicknames, comment them in one of my stories. I'll add them in the list. The first thing on my bucket list right now is to visit Puerto Rico!! ¡¡Te Amo Puerto Rico!! It will be the first place I’d go when I get my first salary. I love their culture, language, and music so much. I love all Spanish speaking and Latin countries, but, Puerto Rico and Boricuas has un lugar especial en mi Corazón. I’m also learning Española!! PUT THIΔ ΩΠ ΨΩUR BIΩ ΙΓ ΨΩU ΔRΣ Δ DΣMIGΩD Favourite Artists: Rauw Alejandro, Luis Fonsi, The KID LAROI, Demi Lovato, Sebastian Yatra, Camilo, Ed Sheeran, Marshmallow, Chainsmokers, Alan Walker, Lewis Capaldi, Anne Marie, Justin Bieber, Sia, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, ZAYN, Ariana Grande, Sean Paul, Maroon 5, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, 1D, Sid Sriram, K S Harishankar, Arijit Singh, and many many more… Die-hard Marvel Fan. I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Virologist-to Be Role Model: Dr. Mikhail Varshovski I'm currently on a Collab project with Maraika and I'm pretty excited to work with her. So, stay tuned for the story!! Fav Movies: Tomorrowland, Journey into the centre of the Earth series, Jumanji series, Marvel Movies, Final Destination, Disney and Pixar movies, Legally Blonde 1 and 2, Fallen, Teddy, Fav TV series: Loki, Wanda Vision, The Good Doctor, Friends, The Lion Guard Fav colour: Pastels, Blues, Purples Fav music genre: Reggaeton, Pop, Blues, and Country Fav book genre: Young Adult, Romance, Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Adventure, Science Fic Fav books: PJO Series, Dork Diaries, Out of the Hitler Time Trilogy, KOTLC, Hunger Games, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series Hogwarts house: Gryffindor (Potter more Quiz) Marvel Character: Loki Avenger: Captain Marvel (A little bit like Iron Man and also Spiderman) Harry Potter Character: Sometimes Luna, but, most of the time, Hermione Demigod: Frank Zhang Greek Godly Parent: Athena Greek God: Apollo/Hermes Magical Object: Hermes' sneakers Superpowers: Teleportation/Flight, Telekinesis, Invisibility Myers-Briggs: ENFP-T Gadgets: Super suit like Stark's one or Flying skateboard Hunger Games Character: Katniss Everdeen District: District 2: Masonry You still here? Kudos to you reading even upto here!! Woah, you again! I’m sorry! I’m not bothering you anymore. Au revoir! Adios! さようなら! अलविदा! Peace out!! Ash