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🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺 Hi, I'm Ana, an aspiring author from the UK (she/her pronouns :D) I live in my head and I'm a professional procrastinator. And I- y’know what? I’ll finish this sentence after another episode of that show... The Faithwood Series: Pt 1: Faithwood Boarding School for Girls Pt 2: Unspoken Conversations Pt 3: Evidence The Lucia Series (I Need A Better Name) Pt 1: Anti-Matter (I don’t like this one that much, skip if you want) Pt 2: Maiden Name Pt 3: Completion Pt 4: Never With You (Martina’s Story) Pt 5 (multiple parts within it): Another Chance, Lost (If you want to follow Pt 5, it goes between Luca and Bianca’s POVs and should have the parts written in the title). Also, I'd like to thank everyone on here (particularly Rayhan Hidyat, Kanika G, Krt M, Sahana Karthik and Svara Narasiah) for being such a positive stream of sunshine every time I open the website. Go drop them a follow and a like! You guys have really helped. Thanks. I love getting notifications, so if you's like to chat about anything, no matter how mundane; I'm free! I wanna thank everyone again for actually helping me improve my self confidence and my writing! Love you! I'm also gonna recommend a great site I use to name characters. Type in a name you like but don't want to use (For example it's been used before in a popular book e.g. Bella, Harry, Sherlock, Jo, Amy etc ) and it'll give you similar names. I find it really helpful! (Cleared my profile, used to have 54 stories) OK, have a nice day and remember YOU and YOUR WORK are LOVED! ✊🏾 🏳️‍🌈 🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜🌺💜