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New Story! (LOL I swear Imma write a happy story soon, I'm working on it. It's just hard to write something happy when you are sad yah know?) Welcome to the wolf pack! 🐺 Name: Julia Reichard Age: 15 Height: 5'5 Likes: watching movies, Jesus our lord and savior, thinking about her crush, salty foods, writing, reading, and anything that is sweet! (Even people!) Dislikes: Past, being alone, fake smiles, asparagus, blueberry's, dancing, micky mouse, and FNAF Hair: short, and dark brown Eyes: icy blue Skin: whiteeeee Single or Taken: single pringleeee Mood: (*/ω\*) School week so far: Decent New friend: Gracelyn Fav Songs that you NEED to listen to, Airplanes, Can't Find My Clothes, Car Radio, Drivers Listens, Any song by Beetlebug, Alec Benjaman songs, Dream, I Hate You I Love You, If The World Was Ending, and christen songs Fav color(s): Purple and silver Smile, your on video! #Wolfcrew #Jesusrules #HolyGowd #Nerds #Writersforlife #Why #Horsecrew #Singlepringle #l0nley #animeclub #mha! #PLUS_ULTRA Anyone else questioning literally everything? Hi! I hope you like my new bio guys! Have a great day and make sure to check out my other account Willow Tree! Warrior Out!!!!