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I'm an aspiring fantasy author that enjoys blogging about marginally helpful information for new authors and making up magic systems! ---------- You can find my blog at www.ajhensley.com I am Twitter obsessed. Find me here: https://twitter.com/TheAJHensley. ---------- I so appreciate feedback on my stories and always try to return the kindness! Critiques - however harsh and hard to swallow - are what make me a better writer. Please share your feedback! I always try to return the favor :) I have a few recurring characters, and several stories that go together. Below are the stories that go together, in the order in which they should be read: Series 1: Night Raven Chronicles Chapter 1 Night Raven Chronicles Chapter 2 Series 2: Honey & Lavender Angel Paint —————————————— Here's a list of some of my favorite pieces that I've come across. You should absolutely check out these stories and follow these writers: - “A Murder!” by Jessy Glazewski - "RE: Don't Freak Out" by Lina Ozz - "Unrequited" by Emma Rose - "Leave A Light On" by Natalie Strawbridge - "Dum Spiro, Spero" by Elizabeth Inkim - "We Always Had The River" by K. Antonio - “Influenced” by Scout Tahoe