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I'm singing on stage during youth group worship for the first time this Sunday! Here's me practicing: My English teacher is a real life author! His book is called "A Rift Between Worlds" by RJ Jurek. Writer of the Week: Dhwani Jain Why? Because she deserves some love and all that good stuff. And she's a fantabulous writer! Go check out her stories! So I've decided to remake my bio, even though my old one is saved, because you know what? I'd really like to start fresh. So here we go! Hold on to your hats! Ladies, please hold down your dresses! Or high-waist, ripped skinny jeans and crop tops! Men, please hold on to your ties (although you could not do that and just tell your mother you lost it after going on a crazy ride you didn't sign up for.) And bald people- I mean, people with those luscious locks of beautiful hair... hold on to your toupees- I mean, hair that is actually growing from your own head. :) Hi, I'm Missa! I'm *redacted* years old, I live in *redacted* in the *redacted*. I love art in general, going to youth group and church camp, and writing and reading! I used to be boy-crazy but then I grew up and realized that being boy-crazy gets you nowhere. So now I'm fluttering my eyelashes and fainting and swooning and mooning over Leonardo DiCaprio, but the Titanic Version of him. Because Jack is just *👩🏼‍🍳😚* "Paint me like one of your FrEnCh girLs" Urmm, no thank you, I'll keep my clothes on, but you can still paint me :) I am a Christian, and I do not support LGBTQ+ or think it is right, but I will not disrespect you if you are a part of that community. I love dogs and cats and horses, and I am fascinated by insects, snakes, and generally all animals, but I despise having to be the one to kill the spiders because ✨purple-gray spider guts✨. I have a love-hate relationship with Shakespeare's plays, but I love acting out parts of Romeo and Juliet in my head at night whilst I'm ~totally~ sleeping, except I can never remember any of the lines except, "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, o Romeo?" and "Parting is such sweet sorrow" except I'm pretty sure I messed those lines up. I think I would make an amazing Juliet. If you don't agree with that, go ahead and laugh behind your screens, because no matter what you think, I will still keep my dreams, suckersss. Anyway, that's all for now. Bye!