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I like writing stories and think I've improved since my first story (The Bakery Case) and my latest one (Among Us) __________________________ My name is actually Akshat Atal, as most of you may know. I kept my name as Santa Claws for Halloween! __________________________ I'm not sure whether I'll be posting a story this week, I don't have any ideas. __________________________ I'm a big fan of Harry Potter and the Wings of Fire series! My house is Hufflepuff, but it also might not be, because I took the Sorting Hat quiz on Wizarding World. My favorite tribes are the IceWings, RainWings, and LeafWings! __________________________ I also play Minecraft! My favorite YouTuber is DanTDM, and my favorite Minecrafter is Dream because HE IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND! __________________________ If you like my stories, make sure to give me a follow! __________________________ Don't comment on my stories with fake praise and pleads to read yours. If I see that in my story, I will downvote that comment and not even reply to it. __________________________ I like dogs and all animals in general! But my favorite animal is the wolf!