Perfecting your Craft

Struggling to master the art of writing? Reedsy shares top tips from industry giants on perfecting your craft. Read to find actionable advice on plot, character, storytelling and more!

30+ Writing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Apr 26, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

Discover the writing podcasts which will educate, delight and inspire you to become a better writer and a published author. Read more →

YA vs. Middle Grade Fiction: 4 Key Differences (2023 Update)

Apr 03, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

When writing for Middle Grade or YA audiences, you need to know what those different readers expect and need. Editor Jamie Evans explains. Read more →

170 Writing Quotes by Famous Authors for Every Occasion

Mar 29, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft

Here are 170 inspiring writing quotes from famous authors like Hemingway, Stephen King, and J.K. Rowling to get your story going. Read more →

How to Write a Novel (That People Will Actually Want to Read)

Mar 25, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn how to write a novel in just 14 steps — from before you start writing your manuscript, to during, and then what to do once you finish the first draft. Read more →

What is Exposition? Examples of Backstory in Action

Mar 13, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn what exposition is, and how authors can use it to seamlessly sneak backstory into their writing. Read more →

The 40 Best Books About Writing: A Reading List for Authors

Mar 05, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft

These 40 best books about writing contain advice from Stephen King, Ann Lamott, and many more. Read more →

9 Common Types of Fantasy Characters (With Examples)

Jan 28, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft

This list covers nine of the most common types of fantasy characters. Don’t forget to scope out the 80+ examples of our favorite fantasy characters from popular books and movies. Read more →

30+ Rhetorical Devices Everyone MUST Know

Jan 11, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft

Discover over 30 rhetorical devices with this extensive list — complete with examples of the devices in action. Read more →

Character Descriptions: How To Write Them (in 3 Steps)

Dec 21, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

What is the best way to describe a character to your readers? We explore how to write character descriptions through three rules and many more examples. Read more →

150+ Useful Character Quirks (Plus a Few Clichés to Avoid)

Dec 18, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Need to jazz up the people in your novel? Take inspiration from over 150 character quirks... plus a few clichés you ought to avoid. Read more →

Defining Your Characters: 150+ Character Mannerisms

Dec 12, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Sometimes, all you need are tiny physical tics and character mannerisms to help flesh out your book's character. Here are over 150 of them. Read more →

What Makes a Compelling Romance Novel?

Dec 07, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Find out what all satisfying romance novels have in common with this guest post from Reedsy editor Ann Leslie Tuttle. Read more →

12 Types of Characters Every Writer Should Know

Dec 06, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

What are the 12 essential character types and how can you use them? Find out in this super-thorough guide! Read more →

265+ Forceful Verbs to Turn You Into a Literary Tyrannosaurus

Dec 03, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

A list of forceful verbs that will bolster your writing. Includes exciting synonyms for 'speaking,' 'walking,' 'standing,' and 'attacking.' Read more →

15 of the Best Online Writing Communities for Aspiring Authors

Nov 19, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

Looking for support from fellow writers from the comfort of your own home? Look no further with this list of some of the top online writing communities. Read more →

How to Monotask Your Way to Writing Productivity

Nov 14, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Ever feel like you just can't focus no matter how hard you try? Your solution may be monotasking — a technique writers can use to ward off distractions. Read more →

The Inciting Incident: Definition, Examples & Writing Tips

Nov 01, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

What is an inciting incident and how do you use it? Our guide will tell you everything you ever needed to know about this crucial story element. Read more →

Paleo Publishing: Terrible Writing Advice from a Caveman Author

Oct 31, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

The Stone Age's top author returns to share his best (read: worst) writing tips. Read more →

Foreshadowing Explained: Definition, Tips, and Examples

Oct 23, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Foreshadowing is a literary device used to hint at events yet to come. Learn why it's such a key tool in an author’s arsenal with 10 exciting examples. Read more →

How to Write a Horror Story: 7 Tips for Writing Horror

Oct 22, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn how to write a horror story like Edgar Allan Poe. These 7 tips will guide you through how to choose your atmosphere, create high stakes, and more. Read more →

90+ Must-Know Metaphor Examples to Improve Your Prose

Oct 19, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

If you're looking for metaphor examples, look any further than this master guide to 90+ metaphors in literature, films, songs, and more. Read more →

Pacing in Writing: 10 Powerful Ways to Keep Readers Hooked

Oct 13, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

See what pacing is, why it's important, and learn 10 techniques to control pacing in writing to keep your readers hooked. Read more →

The Snowflake Method: 6 Steps to a Powerful Story Outline

Oct 12, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Discover the secrets behind one of the most popular story-outlining processes used by today's emerging authors. Read more →

What Is Purple Prose? Writing 101: Definition, Tips, and Examples

Oct 04, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Everything you ever wanted to know about purple prose — plus 4 actionable tips on how to keep it out of your writing for good. Read more →

How to Write a Thriller in 7 Heart-Stopping Steps

Oct 01, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn how to write a thriller in 7 steps and get 4 bonus tips from top professional editors on writing your own page-turner. Read more →

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