Perfecting your Craft

Struggling to master the art of writing? Reedsy shares top tips from industry giants on perfecting your craft. Read to find actionable advice on plot, character, storytelling and more!

Please Steal These Ideas! 30 Things to Write About

Dec 03, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

If you're tired of staring at a blank sheet, check out these 30 things to write about. Feel free to steal these ideas! Read more →

7 Elements of a Story: How to Create an Awesome Narrative

Nov 02, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

In this post, we reveal the seven essential story elements and show you how they work together. Read more →

How to Write Better: 6 Ways To Level Up Your Writing

Oct 28, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Whether you're working on a story, an essay, or an article, here are 6 ways to consistently write better. Read more →

5 Writing Techniques Every Writer Should Try on for Size

Oct 26, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Looking for some fresh writing techniques to build your skills or help you push through writer’s block? Here are 5 that you can try on for size! Read more →

9 Editing Tips: How to Self-Edit Your Own Writing (+ Checklist)

Oct 21, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Finished your first draft and ready for the next step? We've put together nine top tips to help kickstart your self-edit! Read more →

How to Write a Story in 6 Spellbinding Steps

Oct 07, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Whether you’re looking to pen a novel, a screenplay, or a short story, here’s how to write a fantastic story in six steps. Read more →

6 Fantastic Tips for Writing Stellar Science Fiction

Oct 05, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Build a compelling world and tell a story readers will love with these 6 tips on how to write science fiction. Read more →

What is a Foil Character and What Role Do They Play? (With Examples)

Sep 01, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

What is a foil character and what do they add to a story? Here, we go through their main functions with examples from film and literature. Read more →

Rising Action: Where the Story Really Happens (With Examples)

Sep 01, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Here we will give you an in-depth tour of the beating engine at the heart of all your favorite stories: rising action. Read more →

ProWritingAid Review: Is this Grammarly for Serious Writers?

Jun 11, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

What does ProWritingAid offer and how does it compare to Grammarly? Find out in this comprehensive review and get 20% off a subscription. Read more →

Grammarly Alternatives: 19 Grammar Tools for Any Budget

Jun 07, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Want to eradicate all writing mistakes but you're not sure about Grammarly? Here are 18 alternative spelling and grammar tools you might want to see! Read more →

Inclusive Language: An Author's Guide (with Examples)

May 10, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn about inclusive language with examples that will help you welcome a wider range of readers into the wonderful world of your writing. Read more →

50+ Book Ideas (and 11 Ways to Find Even More!)

Apr 09, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

The ultimate bank of book ideas ripe and ready for writing. Plus 11 creative ways to come up with even more of your own. Read more →

In Medias Res: Definition, Usage, and Examples

Apr 02, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

In writing, starting in medias res means beginning a story in the middle of the action. Read more →

What is a Novella? Understanding the Form (with Examples)

Apr 02, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

What is a novella? Discover what makes this fiction form so very special, with examples from some of our favorite novellas. Read more →

How to Become a Better Writer: 20 Hacks and Tips

Feb 11, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Want to know how to become a better writer? Check out our 20 essential tips and hacks. Read more →

What Is a Tragic Hero? Definition, Examples & Common Traits

Jan 12, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

What makes a tragic hero, tragic? In this post, we'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about this literary archetype, including examples from literature. Read more →

How to Write a Graphic Novel in 8 Action-Packed Steps

Jan 12, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn how to write a graphic novel that readers will want to read (and illustrators will want to illustrate). Read more →

How to Write a Mystery: The 6 Secret Steps Revealed

Dec 02, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft

A clever trail of clues is thrilling to read and even more fun to pen, so why not learn how to write a mystery of your own? We'll show you how. Read more →

The Best Book Writing Software of 2023: Scrivener, yWriter, and More

Nov 30, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft

Find the right book writing software for your needs. Features quick reviews of Scrivener, yWriter, and the Reedsy Book Editor. Read more →

70 Interesting Character Flaws to Use In Your Story

Nov 20, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft

Character flaws turn your ideas into three-dimensional people. Check out these 70 fascinating flaws to use in your own stories! Read more →

Character Questionnaire: 50 Juicy Questions To Ask Your Characters

Nov 18, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn how to use a character questionnaire, and put your character in the hot seat with our 50 juicy character development questions. Read more →

What Is the Setting of a Story? How to Write 3 Types of Settings

Oct 16, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft

The best story settings come to vivid life in their readers' minds. Learn all about the setting of a story and how to write it in this guide! Read more →

How to Write a Novella: 7 Tips From an Expert

Sep 09, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft

Get the low down on how to write a novella, with insider tips from a professional editor on length, character development, conflict and more. Read more →

How to Plan a Novel: From Idea to First Draft in 7 Tips

Jul 17, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft

Have an exciting book idea that you want to work on? Hold your horses and discover how to plan a novel before jumping into the actual writing! Read more →

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