Crash with the Stash

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“Tonight we rewrite the rules due to your stupidity,” declared Stewie.

“What do you mean?” asked Mikey with a dumbfounded look on his face.  “It’s still daylight outside so do the rules not apply yet?”

“Whatever,” said an irate Stewie, who was so frustrated he didn’t know what time or day it was at the moment.  “We are on a land we are totally clueless on how big it is, if it’s inhabited, and most important of all, if it has food for us to eat.  And you are going through our supply of goods like we have an abundance of it.  Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Mikey scratched his head and screwed up his face as he tried to digest the input.  He tried to get the rusty wheels moving so he could give out some output.  Just looking at the pained expression on his face made Stewie feel sorry for the man, at times.  Stewie was used to the delays so he just stood there as patient as he could be, waiting for an answer from his partner.

“Are you saying I should eat my food slower than usual?” Mikey finally put out.  “That is the new rule?”

Stewie looked to the ground and just shook his head.  He couldn’t remember, having a poor memory, of how he was hooked up with this imbecile.  Granted, it wasn’t Mikey’s fault they were stuck on this unknown land for it was actually his fault.  Once again, due to his limited memory bank, he forgot to fuel up the plane.  Thank God there was this piece of land nearby when they ran out of fuel.  As they went down, Mikey thought they were making a pit stop to use the restroom even though, there was no airstrip in sight.

“I can’t believe I was able to crash the plane without getting us killed,” thought Stewie.

“That was a rough landing,” Mikey said with a chuckle right after they crashed.

“Yeah,” said Stewie with a sigh of relief, and chuckling with Mikey.

Now, later into the day, and Mikey was eating up all of the food.  And who knows how long it would take to explain their predicament to Mikey.

“You can eat the food as fast or slow as you want to,” said Stewie.  “Just don’t eat as much food as you are right now or we are going to run out.”

There was more scratching of the head as Mikey tried to compute what Stewie just said.

“Forget it,” said an exacerbated Stewie, throwing up his arms.  “Let’s get going and check out our surroundings.  Grab as much food and supplies as you can, and put the stuff in your backpack.”

“Can I just hold onto the food?” asked Mikey with an imploring look.

“No, for then you will eat all of it,” replied Stewie.  “Now, pack up so we can get going.”

The two started to pack up with Stewie having to tell Mikey numerous times of what to take, and what to leave behind.

“You don’t need to take the ruler!” Stewie cried out.  “You don’t need to take the banana peel!”

“If I run out of food I can always eat the peel,” explained Mikey.

“Whatever,” said a resigned Stewie.  “Is your backpack about filled up?”

“It’s packed tight boss.”

“I’m not your boss,” said Stewie.  More like his babysitter.

“Whatever you say, boss.”

“Then let’s go,” said Stewie shaking his head.

The two started on their journey to explore and hopefully find civilized society.

Stewie always wanted to explore an unknown land, but was hoping it was under better circumstances.  For one thing, it would have been better without Mikey.  Having George or Eugene with him would have been a lot better.  Secondly, he would have preferred to have either landed the plane safely or just floated his boat onto shore.  Then his neck and back wouldn’t be hurting as he walked through the forested land.

“This looks a little familiar,” he thought as he looked around at the landscape.

He looked back at Mikey, who just followed along, kicking at the debris on the ground.  Stewie thought to ask him, but figured it would be a lost cause.  Mikey wouldn’t know he was home until he stepped into his house and went to his bedroom.

They soon came to a path that went uphill for quite a ways.

“Hopefully, we can see something at the top,” said Stewie.  “Let’s go.”

“This path looks well worn,” commented Mikey.  “I wonder what kind of creature created this path?”

Stewie stopped suddenly and looked down at the path.

“This land is inhabited,” murmured Stewie.  “Let’s hope they aren’t days away since Mikey will be out of food by tonight.”

They followed the path, having to stop off and on to rest, neither one in that great of shape.

“Can we stop so I can have something to eat?” asked Mikey.

“You have already eaten for two since we crashed,” said Stewie.  “Do you have ring worms?”

“Not sure about the worms,” replied Mikey.  “I have eaten worms when I was younger.  It was like having spaghetti, but without the meatballs.”

“Enough!” cried out Stewie, about to gag.  “You can eat once we get to the top of the hill.”

“Great,” Mikey excitedly said.  “This cliff climbing is making me hungry.  I love to eat.”

Stewie looked back at Mikey, who wasn’t terribly overweight, then just looked ahead.  He figured it was best not to say a word unless he wanted to hear a silly comment.

They soon reached the top of the hill, Stewie seeing he would have to walk a little ways to see what was on the other side of the hill.  Before that he needed to rest and let Mikey eat some of his food.  He had to wait a few minutes before Mikey got to the top.

“Woo Wee!” cried out Mikey once he got to the top.  “That was quite the workout.  Now to eat.”

Stewie looked around, not seeing much to the left, right, or straight ahead.  He turned around to look at the way they came from.

“This scene looks so familiar,” he muttered.

“Are you ready to move on?” asked Mikey behind him.

Stewie turned around and saw Mikey stuff the rest of a Twinkie in his mouth.  There were a few wrappers already on the ground.

“Let’s go,” said Stewie.

They went over to the other side of the hill.

“I pray we see civilization,” thought Stewie.

Once they got to the point to look out upon the land Stewie stopped in complete shock.  Mikey stopped beside him and looked out.

“Isn’t that the guy’s place you borrowed the plane from?” asked Mikey, pointing to the mansion in the distance, and chuckling.

“It is,” Stewie said in shame.

They had been flying around for who knows how long just to end up near the spot they started.

“Why didn’t you just land the plane on the strip we took off on?” asked Mikey.  “Or do you like the danger?”

Stewie just shook his head, looking to the ground.

“Next time I’ll make sure to bring more food.”

“There won’t be a next time,” thought Stewie.

As they started going down the path, toward his employer’s mansion, he hoped they would be alive after today.  His boss wasn’t going to be happy with a wrecked plane and a costly stash of questionable goods not at their destination.  Not happy at all.  

          "Will we be alive by tomorrow?" pondered Stewie. 

May 18, 2020 05:27

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