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Trigger warning: child abuse



"It's going to be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." Ruby White had repeated this verse for twelve entire years. It had stopped her from doing the worst. It allowed her to deal with the worst. Still, the verse could not stop the tears flowing down her face. Tonight, she would cry herself to sleep because of one man.


Chapter 1

Ruby had always had an inkling that her father was not normal. The way he talked to her and her mother. The way he treated other people. After all, what toddler knows how to make a full cup of ramen because she knows her own father won’t feed her? What kind of five - year old runs away every time she hears her father’s footsteps? What kind of nine-year-old winces every time in his presence, remembering his blows and angry words? What twelve -year old is afraid to show her emotions for fear of being weak? These were just some of her memories and fears. 

That night she cried for many things. She cried about her mother, she sobbed about her prison that was called home, she touched a spot on her head. Tender and soft, a bruise was forming from just a few hours ago. The only time Mrs. White left her daughter with her husband when she absolutely had to. This was one of these times, groceries for dinner.

Ruby had been doing the dishes when her father had come through the door. Not a hello, not even a greeting. He put down his briefcase and started screaming. “How do you live in this pig stye?! I am the only one who does anything. You disgust me! Do you not have eyes?! Are you blind! Why are you so stupid? I just want to burn this place to the ground! Is that too much to ask, a clean house?” And on and on.

Ruby who was used to these outbursts, stepped out of the kitchen and replied calmly. "I have been at school and mom is out getting stuff for dinner. I was just doing the dishes. Neither one of us had been home all day." Before Ruby could react, Mr. White ran, and with all 6'2 feet of him slapped her on the side of your head. With a voice louder than thunder he boomed, "Don't you take that attitude with me! I am your father and you WILL respect me!" Ruby grabbed her head, she was spinning. She glared at her father with such hatred and fear that he looked surprised for an instant. Before he could strike her again for her "rudeness" Ruby ran to her room and threw herself on the bed, trying to drown her tears in her pillowcase. She prayed to God, "Oh Lord, save me from this monster. I want mom to come home! Make her come home!" Like always, nothing happened. About ten minutes her father came in, smiling like he was God's chosen saint. "Honey, I am sorry. I forgot I was at the office. I yell all the time. Don't be so sensitive. Come and give me a hug. Who wants to go to the movies tonight?" Ruby boiled inside, this lunatic wanted a hug, he "forgot" that he was addressing his daughter and not a forty-year-old intern? He really thought the movies would make her forget? He was so fake, but his fake was starting to fall off. Ruby didn't make a move toward him. He lost it again. "Why do I even ask an ungrateful person like you?! You are impossible and stubborn! What did I do to deserve you?" With that, he slammed the door and thundered downstairs.

Ruby was really shaking now. Her tears were hot and they stung. Why did she let him do this? She had to put a stop to this insanity. She would tell someone. She picked up her phone and her finger halted over the last number, what was she doing? Would her father get arrested? None of that mattered anymore it was time to take a stand. She finished dialing 1 - 800 - 4.


Chapter 2

Ruby was terrified. They would be coming any minute. She peeked between the stair railing. There he was, sitting completely unaware, absorbed into his texts probably kissing up to his boss. Her mother was also aware of what Ruby had done and she was sitting on the couch ready to open the door. Knock, knock. Mrs. White jumped up and ran to the door. Mr. White put the phone down and went to greet the woman. She held a clipboard in her hand and Mrs. White started to show the lady around. The woman was pretty, but she radiated tension like she expected to be jumped upon any moment. Ruby never forgot her. She had dressed her slender body in a business outfit and tied her long chestnut hair back with a silk ribbon. Ruby followed the sound of her high heels clicking, as her mother showed her the medicine cabinet, the bedroom, the kitchen.

When the two women came back, Mr. White's phone was away and he was smiling a brilliant smile. The lady ignored him. She turned to Ruby and asked for a private discussion.

Ruby felt her stomach tighten, what would happen when she left? Ruby came to a conclusion, she would not chicken out. She followed the woman to the backyard. The woman knelt down to meet Ruby's eyes. "You know why I am here?" Ruby smiled shyly. "You are Ms. Fey, from Child Protective Services." Ms. Fey nodded. They had a long discussion when it concluded, Ruby felt nervous again, she would have to go back and face her father. She went back inside and sat on the staircase as her mother than her father were interrogated.

Within a few weeks, the case was closed. Mr. Peter White would be serving a two-year sentence for his crimes of child endangerment and abuse.


Chapter 3

When Peter's sentence had ended, Mrs. White had filed a divorce. Ruby and Mrs. White won. Today, Mrs. White works as a loving mother to her daughter. "It's going to be okay in the end. If it not okay, it is not the end.








November 12, 2020 20:32

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That was such an amazing story!! Please don't say that this wasn't your best work, because I really enjoyed it! Great job! :)


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Bella Shah
17:04 Nov 13, 2020

Wow, that was intense! I loved the storyline, and how she gets help at the end from Child Protective Services. Great Job! Can't wait to hear more. -Bella :) #ClassicWritingSquad


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Kylie Rudolf
16:17 Nov 17, 2020

Hey all! I know this is by far not my best work. I apologize for this and have a great rest of your day!


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