Adventure Friendship Suspense

I stared at the street waited. And waited. What was I waiting for? My friends. It was book night again, and I was the host.

โ€Celeste! Iโ€™m here!โ€

It was Luke, decked with books in his arms and clutching a bulging backpack. I already knew he had Ayn Randโ€™s โ€˜Altas Shruggedโ€™.

โ€Come in! Oh, is Mira coming?โ€

โ€Sheโ€™s behind me! And Jennie, Nainika, and Kate!โ€

I felt relieved that they didnโ€™t forget. I would be weeping if that happened.

Everybody arrived with books and papers, and we settled down on the carpeted floor. Then my annoying sister comes in.


โ€I didnโ€™t make waffles.โ€


โ€œGo away to Victoria Gardens.โ€


โ€Whatever, Sam.โ€

She stormed off.

Rose, despite her name, is very bothersome. With bubblegum pink hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin, she was very pretty on the outside. On the inside, she was a nasty brat. Even if she was one year older, she should not be bossing me around. I could never understand what came out of her mouth, even if I was an interpreter.

โ€Why was she so hyped about the floor?โ€

โ€Sapphire!โ€ We all shout

I hurry to open the screen door. She comes in, goes to our circle, and sits in the recliner. I think about her question. Why was Rose so upset about the floor? She had ignored me for the better part of a month now, so....?

โ€Everyone! Get off the rug!โ€

Luke starts grumbling about โ€œlosing his spotโ€ and Jennie quickly stops goofing around with a book on her head. Mira cleans up the knocked over pile of books, and Nainika speedily goes to stand with Sapphire, who is causally eating chips. I chuckle at everyoneโ€™s reaction and try to pry off the carpet. Itโ€™s heavier that it looks.ย 


Mira rushes in to help, Luke tailing her and Sapphire following.

โ€œGuys! Why are we doing this-โ€œ The words barely left her mouth before we pull it up and-

Black shapes come out and smack us in the face.


ย I scream as a sliver-eyed person stares at me.

โ€Celeste! Itโ€™s me! Luke!โ€

He looks so different. His normal boring black hair has become flamboyant brown. His sweatshirt and pants are shiny and slick, and his aura is sliver, like his eyes. Luke hands me a mirror. I yell.

I have a head of purple hair, and rainbow irises, and my hands are a stunning purple too. I have a purple-pink adventure dress on, with a lot of pockets, and boots with high heels. I felt confused and excited. Confused as to where we are. Excited as in I LOOK AWESOME.

โ€Are you the only one here in my...โ€

I realized we are not in my house. And all my other friends are gone.ย 

Luke is about to respond when I here a sound.

โ€Luke! Celeste!โ€


I run towards her but stop to looke at her breathtaking beauty.

She has super long wavy black hair, with a hint of blue on the tips and a braid, inverted style. Mira has eyes that change from black to brown continuously.ย She has a short dress, and black combat boots. Her sapphire blue aura makes her very pretty.

I hug both of them. I donโ€™t like losing people or friends.

โ€J..Jennie....a....and..Kate...are..coming!โ€ Mira says, panting.

I glance up and see a maroon and mint figure. When they get close I run up to them.

Jennie has light magenta hair, deep and shiny. She has soft grey eyes and a magenta aura. Her flannel and tights looks very handsome. She cracks a smile at me. I return it.

Kate has chestnut hair tied in a ponytail, piercing blue eyes.ย She also has a watch. It stores all her clothes, convient for anything. She was wearing a tank top and sweatpants, perfect for this humid weather. I envied her; even in this strange world her still has the perfect invention.

Sapphire appears out of nowhere and I gasp again for the third time.

Her black hair has many sliver streaks in it, and she had glowing icy white eyes that look deep in my soul. She is wearing a cloak, like me, but has a hood and shadows around it. Sapphireโ€™s menacing black aura clings to her. After she reunites with us, Mira speaks.

โ€Where is Nainika?โ€œ

We all gasp and immediately start looking for her.


ย โ€œNainika! Na-โ€œ

I pause to wipe the sweat off my head.

Luke grimaces.

โ€ANY LUCK?โ€œ Jennie hollers to us. She and Kate are busy chopping down trees. We were sent to a fantasy world with deserts and forests. Naiki could be anywhere. Luke and Mira were scouting the desert, but came back, and me and Sapphire are in the river part.

โ€NO JEN!โ€

I bend up and help Sapphire up too. Then I do what I do best: think and wonder.

I think that my other friends are going to miss us.

I think that Rose would be angry for using my big brain.

I wonder what the aura are for. Powers? Fashion? Just an aura? I let my mind wander, and it wanders so far that I only come back when I hear Kate screeching in my ear.

โ€I found her!โ€

I follow Kateโ€™s gaze and find a young woman. I can not believe that it isย 


She looks up from her flower-picking. Her brown-gold hair hangs around her back and she has a hazelnut eye and a eye-watering green one. Naiki has a flannel on, like Jennie, jeans, and a pair of cute converse shoes. Her aura is bright cream, like ice cream. It mixes nicely with her eyes and hair.

We all go to hug her.

โ€œDonโ€™t get lost again!โ€

She laughs.

โ€œWhen the weird shapes came out, I was thrown here and landed on this!โ€ She points to a box. As I get closer, I read what it says:

This is the propriety of Ms. Rose.

We all gasped and everybody looked at me. I looked at that word.


Hi guys! So this is the first story of a very long series! I will expand on the characters and their personalities sooooon! And sorry if you didnโ€™t get featured, but you will def be in the next one! Peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ!ย 

Also, can you figure out what me and Rose said?

Ps. Sapphire is a shade she can use shadows and teleport and turn invisible hehehhehee

January 09, 2021 04:43

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Orenda .
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new story out, feel free to check it out whenever you want :) leave some feedback too! Thanks so much.


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Coco Longstaff
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Helllo sister!!! Wow this story was so awesome! So exciting and I have a lot of questions, but youre gonna make sequels right??? IM SO EXCITED!


Coco Longstaff
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Good story! Wanna be in mine? It's a fantasy. Just tell me your character's: Hair color Eye color Skin color (it's fantasy so it could even be, like, silver or blue if you want to) Age Height Magic power/element Talent Spirit animal


Hair: Purple with rainbow swirls Eye: Rainbow Skin: peach and purple mixed in Age: hmmmm Height: tall Magic power/element: Psychic and air Talent: very smart and able to fly Spirit: Phoniex


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19:26 Jan 15, 2021

Skribble Link: https://skribbl.io/?Xrx2njr1Vp74 :)


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