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GUYS! BTS ARMY’s! YOU HAVE TO DO THIS QUIZ! But this quiz is only applied to BTS fans. OMG guys I just found this on YouTube. This is me like over 3 years ago. Gross. “You look like crap.” If I ever say that, it means that I love ya. Eres un inutil! ❤️ Although that doesn’t really work on here because I cant see you guys... Well, if we ever meet, that’s what I might say! Hey limelight’s, update me if there are any new Why Dont We videos like a live or if they update something funny. People, tell me if you know WDW or Fast & Furious or Spanish. We need to discuss. Thx Luke and Priya and Mania and Aerin Isaac and Hari and Celeste and Varsha and more❤️ My besties And also. IF YOURE UP FOR THE SABRINA OLIVIA JOSHUA BUSINESS LET ME KNOW STRAIGHT AWAY I love Joshua and lie lie lie TELL ME ABOUT THE UPDATES So, I’m Coco, and I really like writing especially when it helps me take my mind off things like my being suicidal😅 I’m Coco Lucia Longstaff, a Sagittarius, and I love either summer or winter because the strong weather either hot or cold makes me feel so alive. My favorite singer is Sabina Carpenter and my favorite band is Why Don’t We. ZH forever! My favorite movie series is Fast & Furious, and I LOVE LETTY. I also love black and red and magenta. Ooo, and leopard prints are fabulous😂 Good luck with your stories! ALSO post 😎 on my stories if you read my bio. Count: 12 Byeeee