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IMMA MARSHMALLOWWW Not for the upvoting, but for the creating of a community and the building of friendships. ♥♥♥ ᏕᏦᏒᎥᏰᏰᏝᏕ ᎦᎧᏒᏋᏉᏋᏒ ♥♥♥ -Name: Mira -Pronouns: She/Her -Age: Teen -Favorite color: Silver, Sapphire blue, or neon green -Favorite animal: Dragon, Wolf, or Arctic Fox -Favorite of my Reedsy stories : The Dragon Races (TDR) -Hobbies: -Singing🎤🎶 -Writing (obvi) ✍️ -Drawing (sketching while binge-watching The Dragon Prince, She-Ra, or Hilda) 🎨 🖌️ -Archery (I am NOT very good yet) 🏹 -Reading 📚 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Saying that I love writing is an understatement. The Aldenverse, as Litlover calls it, is the primary (and only XD) AU my stories are based in. I used to be focused on Alden, the story that started off as a fanfiction for Harry Potter. Now, I have changed course and devoted my time into making 'The Dragon Races' the best story I've ever written. Eriene Pyrallis didn't expect to be woven into the tangled tapestry of lies, deceit, and internal clashes for power when she volunteered for The Dragon Races. She just wanted to avenge her best friend, Nepthys, who had been paralyzed, and end it once and for all by making the dragons her allies. Being an Empath and Wind Elemental, she thought it would be simple enough. She quickly learns in the days before that it's not just a fight between ten contestants. They and their dragons don't fight for the sake of balance in the Five Kingdoms. It's much, much more than that. She forms a friendship with Luke Castor, a Sinistrain noble her age. She learns some of the truth from his older sister, Raya, but it just ends up asking more questions then it gave answers. Who- or what- is behind it all? Characters: -Eriene Pyrallis -Luke Castor -Raya Castor -Therin Caius -Alaric Emrys -Everlys -Althea -Riva -Lein -Althea -Karila -Queen Trisandra Loire -Lady Zerynthia Castor -Starling (This is all I can tell you. *evil cackle*) Therya Theme Song: Hold On by Extreme Music I also LOVE to draw/create my own OC's. (And people from TV shows and movies that my sister and I watch. The new She- Ra, Voltron, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, and THE DRAGON PRINCE are constantly inspiration.) (Crayla and Ruthari for lifeeee!) 😁😍 I also sing, and have been doing Indian Classical Music, Karnatic Vocal, for about three years. I have improved drastically from when I was three and four, not hitting any of the notes in "Maria" from The Sound of Music. 😂🤣 I STAN Blackpink and Mamamoo, and am trying to expand my love for k- pop. Moomoos and Blinka unite! 😁 I am: -Slytherin (Harry Potter) 🐍 -Candor/Divergent (Divergent) ⚖️ -Daughter of Apollo or Aphrodite (Percy Jackson) 🏹 🎶 💖 -District 1 (The Hunger Games) ✨ -ShadowClan deputy (Warriors) 🐈 -Rainwing, SeaWing, LeafWing, or Icewing (Wings of Fire) 💧🌊🌿❄️ -Shade, Telepath, Empath, Inflictor, and Flasher (Keeper of the Lost Cities) -Good...mostly (The School for Good and Evil) -Elemental/Telepath with Empathic abilities, in Alcator (My original story, Alden) -Pisces through and through (Just the Zodiac) ♓ -ARU SHA IS AMAZING, TOO!!!! (Not in order of my favorite fandom list) Constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!!! I'm looking for ways to make my writing better, and, most of the time, that takes a reader beside myself. So, critique away!!! (I love seeing that little yellow dot, it just makes me so happy.) 😁 ************* From Jen: LET'S ALL GIVE A CHEER! OUR FAVORITE FANTASY WRITER IS HERE!!! AND SHE'S PAST 7000 AND WE MUST BEWARE SHE'LL CRUISE UP THE LEADERBOARD IN A GREAT FANTASTIC FLAIR (She's one of my best friends, and always seems to make me feel really, really happy through her comments and praise. She's one of the people who got me this far, so I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Or, MERCI!!!) **************** -Also, THANK YOU LUKE/LITLOVER/THE REINCARNATION OF TOLKIEN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both my Reedsy and irl bestie, my writing has improved drastically with your help. (And Hemingway Editor.) -You crowned me Queen of Fantasy, and I legitimately can't express how much I feel like a marshmallow in a cup of hot cocoa. -I am now aware that Keefe's name is pronounced like "coral reef." HOWEVER, I will continue to call him "Keefie," because it's just so...cute. It's suits his personality way better than something that rhymes with "coral reef." 😋😆😌 -I also must thank you for enlightening me about K-pop, and introducing me to Mamamoo, the best girl group OF. ALL. TIME. THANK YOU!!! **************** From Felicity Pathis: Fantasy Queen Every stroke of her pen brings to life new creatures that come to her aid. She is dressed in stories, her kingdom planned to her desire. Her army spring to fight the enemy (downvoters), and she herself in draped in the finest Elvish armour. Her very word is like a tapestry, forming new worlds and galaxies, stars hanging on her every word. And every word is good... THANK YOU!!! This is one of the nicest things I've ever heard (read, really) like...ever. I seriously appreciate it!!! **************** Nanika...Can I have a signed copy of Game of Lions when it's published??? I swear, you will be seriously famous one day. I'm really glad to have you as a friend. 😁 **************** Kate Reynolds, you are also one of my besties here on Reedsy. I don't know what to say (type, really,) because I can't express how much our Theraya and Luriene fangirl chats brighten every day. **************** SAPPHIRE!!! HI!!! Same as with Kate, I can't express in words how much our lil/very long chats make me happy. I laugh SO much, and days that weren't the best are suddenly better. (Keefe will always remain Keefie.) **************** Aaaand Celeste!!! Your comments are always heartwarming, and make me determined to submit the next part of TDR even faster. Thank you for being such a great friend!!!! ************** A month or so ago, Luke and Nanika were talking on one of their stories about talent and writing. Somehow, I was brought into the conversation, and they start talking about how great I am, and how much talent I have (. To quote Nanika: "which is obvi true..have you read TDR??") Then, Luke tells me about what she said, I joins the convo and LO and BEHOLD. I said the iconic phrase "I feel like a Marshmallow in a cup of hot cocoa" So we named our ever- expanding group of friends, the Mallows. If you read all of this, wow. I'm impressed. Thanks for reading my (very, very long) bio! 😁😁😁