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Saying that I love writing is an understatement. I'm an aspiring teen author who is obsessed with writing fan fictions, and has a few original stories in progress, including the series I hope to publish one day, Alden. It's primarily about a girl named Kahala who has to figure out how to fulfill a centuries old prophecy passed down from the only other person in history who has had the same, powerful type of magic as her, the legendary Aldera. She soon finds out that she isn't the only one with this type of magic. There's someone else- and they just happen to get off on the wrong foot. Can Kahala and Darius put their differences aside and stop the Dark Ones, led by Her, from rising again? Or, just like when Aldera tried to stop them, will they perish? Writing isn't just words on a page that make up sentences and paragraphs- writing is an escape when someone is trapped in a world they don't want to be in. It's a gateway, a portal, a different reality, where you can rise above everything else going on in life. I'm also 100% Slytherin (and proud of it!), in case anyone else here likes Harry Potter. (#Malfoy4Life!) The Hunger Games has been a huge inspiration for me, and I'm constantly writing stories about what the lives of the other tributes (such as Clove, Glimmer, and Rue,) were like before the Reaping. I also like to draw my own original characters and people from TV shows and movies that my sister and I watch, such as She- Ra, Voltron, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel. I STAN Blackpink, and am trying to expand my love for k- pop. (BTS, Seventeen, and Everglow are now on my radar!) #Blinks unite!