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when you gaze at someone you love, the urge to enfold them tightly arises; and you just want to rain upon them the sweetest words ever. sometimes, you rewind your memories to the time when you'd first met them, the initial impression still vivid and revered. You still remember the way they'd watched your every movement, their eyes brimming with intrigue. when you look at someone you love, seated by the window, caged within the pages of their favourite book, you realize just how much they mean to you; just how much importance their warmth has brought to your existence. Now, with confidence you say that you'll forever be theirs, just as they'll forever be yours. ~ I really enjoy freewriting poems even though I don't write enough. No matter the quality, it's the emotions threatening to break out of me that make me want to write more. it really is the old memories that make me come here over and over again :)