Hypocrite-- An Origin Story and Horror-Comedy

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For the past eight years, Altti Amahle was a successful paranormal investigator, a very high ranking one too. It was no surprise that he was one of the main reasons that the world was now fully believing in ghosts, demons, and other things of the sort. It was his doing, his success in destroying ghosts, that convinced the world that they indeed existed. Altti was a genius and was good at looking into things, tearing into it until something falls apart, and he was also very good when it came to the action of destruction.

Altti's life began in North Carolina, a state that he resented for the rest of his existence. He grew up being homeschooled by his genius mother until he went to Tufts for law school on a full scholarship. He had been at the top of his class, and his teachers said he was going to be one of the best lawyers the world had seen. Altti was passionate, and dedicated, and just as brilliant as his mother. He often expressed just how happy he was with the fact that he was going to be a lawyer because that was 100% what he wanted in life. So, it was shocking when Altti decided to go into paranormal investigation after college, instead of using his success in school to gain great wealth, and help the world.

Why he did this, you may wonder? Altti had a demon following him, that's why. It was hard to see why it was doing so, or why it wanted him specifically, but it did, and Altti wanted it gone. He began to talk to those who believed in the supernatural and found what he thought was a way to send it back to hell.

There was a problem though because instead of it removing the demon, the spell bonded the demon to him. It wasn't capable of being reversed or fixed, which was just as aggravating to Altti as it was to the demon, who revealed that he had spite with his family and wanted to kill Altti to end his bloodline.

Altti and the demon eventually grew close, although it took some time, and Altti ended up being very fond of his new work. He and the demon, with Altti's skills as a genius and a lawyer, and the demons knowledge of his kind, began to hunt down paranormal things. One after the next publicity began to grow, as hiding the demons and ghosts became harder and harder to do.

There was one person who knew about the demon in Altti, and that was his mother. It was hard to hide it, when he began letting the demon out, who at the time wanted to be called Ryan, although he never really managed to stick with a name. His mother would ask about 'Ryan', and without Altti having a clear medical condition to blame the demon on, he explained it to her. The difficult part was convincing his mother that there was a demon, and one bound to his soul. Once she came to understand that, she went into research to get the demon out, which was a bust. She never grew to like the demon, and the demon didn't like her much either, but they managed to get along when the demon was controlling. His mother also expressed that it was very annoying to be speaking to her son, knowing that something else was always listening as well.

Before the exposure of the supernatural happened, a monumental day in society, his mother was concerned about the secret of his getting out. His demon had not done a very good job of acting normal and human all the time, and without the existence of the paranormal being widely well known, Altti's mother was concerned about what might happen if news got out about what really existed in the world.

Altti's mother did end up getting an answer pretty soon. It was after a particularly interesting case, that the world really began to believe. First off, the ghost who was doing the possessing was the recently deceased Kiera Knightly, who had unfortunately died on set during a recent movie. No one knew why she was possessing people, or why she chose who she chose, but she was. However, she had a very high kill count and was going all across the world to do it. Altti had summoned her and destroyed her, but the news had spread about Knightly's insanity.

The way people reacted wasn't the best possible. More people began to train to become paranormal investigators, which led to demons freaking out and killing more people. In the end, it was probably a better idea if it was all kept secret.

Now, many years later, there was a specific government agency for fighting the paranormal, and Altti was the leader. Perhaps they were going too far, but the main goal of the Great Help to Obliterate Supernatural Threats (GHOST), was to kill every supernatural being in existence, no matter if they are good, or bad. Altti and his demon were bothered by this, because occasionally, Altti would let the demon take control of his body, and do as he wished. But, now that the world was very against all things dead-ish, the demon would never get to play at a water park, which was one of his favorite past times, in fear that someone might figure him out. He convinced the public that his high IQ and ability to crack cases like it's nothing was the reason why he managed to smite so many demons. No one knew that he also had a demon on his side.

So yes, Altti was a hypocrite. He was the very thing he was bound to destroy. But, Altti and the demon agreed, that the fact that the demon being bound to him was not enough for him to quit. In fact, Altti never said anything against the injustice to the dead-ish. He let it be and continued hunting for GHOST, with a 100% personal success rate. GHOST quickly became a highly respected government organization in the US under his administration, and many countries began to develop their own (such as in England, SPOOK, Supernatural, Paranormal, and Occult Observers who Kill).

As the years have past on, bringing us to the point most recent, Altti has done well keeping his secret hidden, doing well in his career. As his success continues, he finds it easier and easier to hide. Except for the fact that the demon seems to be getting more and more loud now that he didn't have control over the body. His demon was fed up, and beginning to press himself forward, trying to take on the dominant soul position in the body.

Maybe, the demon's plan for revenge wasn't as simple as just killing him then and there, years ago.

January 14, 2020 23:40

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22:53 Jan 22, 2020

This is a good origin story! I like the idea of a setting where the supernatural becomes mainstream knowledge because of a high-profile celebrity haunting, and the protagonist having to deal with his involvement with it. It's ridiculous in a fun way. The frenemy buddy-cop angle with the demon is a good setup, too. I hope you take a stab at writing a few of their adventures.


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Amelia Coulon
21:13 Jan 22, 2020

Very good idea. Good acronyms and explanations. Need to watch tenses. Jumps from past to present tense. Also watch "that". Usually, the word is redundant or what should be used is "which" instead of "that". Order of the story is a bit chaotic, might need a bit of streamlining. Ending is a little abrupt.


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