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Welcome. We accept the forgotten ones when no one else does. We are the writers that type in silence, very few people knowing of our talents. Previously known as Alone Striver and Alone Warrior Name: Julia Reichard Age: 15 Height: 5'5 Likes: watching movies, Jesus our lord and savior, thinking about her crush, salty foods, writing, reading, and anything that is sweet! (Even people!) Dislikes: Past, being alone, fake smiles, asparagus, blueberry's, dancing, micky mouse, and FNAF Hair: short, and dark brown Eyes: Blue/grey/green (lol I have THOSE eyes) Skin: white Single or Taken: single pringle~! (*insert single ladies here*) Mood: (~ ̄- ̄)~ School week so far: ALMOST DONE YESSS New friend: Nikki ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Family Update: Mom's healing! Fav Songs that you NEED to listen to: Airplanes, Can't Find My Clothes, Car Radio, Drivers Listens, Any song by Beetlebug, Alec Benjamín songs, Dream, I Hate You I Love You, If The World Was Ending, and christen songs Fav color(s): Purple and silver Underneath the mask there is a girl who wishes she had good grades. Underneath the mask there is a girl crying. Underneath the mask there is a girl who sobs day and night. Underneath those sleeves there's a slit for every person who's hurt her. She gets bullied for being her. She looks in the mirror and cries. She starves herself for others. She gets hurt deep inside. She tries to fit in. But it’s hard. It’s so, so hard. Hashtags: #Wolfcrew #Jesusrules #HolyGowd #Nerds #Writersforlife #Why #Horsecrew #Singlepringle #l0nley #animeclub #mha! #PLUS_ULTRA ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ The Kiss Have someone in your family kiss there hand. Have them press there now kissed hand to your palm. Place your palm on your cheek. Now anytime you feel worried or scared, I want you to touch that cheek and imagine them kissing you gently. Anyone else questioning literally everything? Lol I'm a curious kitten, so if you read this just comment on my newest story your Hogwarts house or Zodiac sign. A great amount of love to Wolf Warrior, who has been with me through it all. If you have the chance, follow her. Nicknames: (From preferred to dislike) Striver (My pf name) Jewels (Given by my best friend) Nova (Also given by best friend) Julie (a lot of people irl call me this and I hate it lol) JJ (ew...) Lone (Makin' me sound lonely) Peace out! ✌🏻