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Sarah has yet to establish herself as a content writer. Having worked in the real estate business for a couple of years, she has made the shift, and has considered working from home ever since the onset of the recent pandemic. She loves reading, writing and dreaming. She has recently become a published author with her new book named 'His Lingering Perfume' by Sarah D (herself) Everyone, If you like my writing here, you're sure to like my book! Yes, I wrote a romance novel called 'His Lingering Perfume' by Sarah D (me) It's like on Barnes n Noble, Storytel, Amazon n all. I'll post the link hopefully it's clickable. Otherwise just google it k! Again it's a Greatttt book that costs close to nothing. It would be a great favour if you wrote a nice review for me. A refreshingly different romance, if young love is your thing. Their relationship sizzles the rather short book, and it has a message. Not spoiling the ending, but it's about the lonely shy rich girl in love Sarah D is also on Medium!