A Cloud Gazing Love Story

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Coming of Age Bedtime

This is the story of a young man called Tim Robbins. Tim was a 12 year old adolescent who loved sports and also happened to have a quirky love interest!

The love interest in question, who was also the love of his life, was another adolescent. She was an academically gifted young lady who loved singing.

Louella Descartes, like Tim, was 12 years old, was an interesting, gifted young woman, who had beautiful blue eyes. Tim hoped he could one day stare into those same Blue eyes for as long as possible, with her permission ofcourse.

What did Tim Robbins like about the world? Tim had many varied interest and hobbies much like any other 12 year old. One of the things Tim Robbins rather enjoyed doing for fun was 'Cloud Gazing'.

Tim learned many things from his adolescent friends who also enjoyed 'Cloud Gazing'. Tim knew for sure that when a cloud turned into a heart shape on a Monday, you might land a date by Sunday. 

Tim felt that this was more than just a myth. Given that clouds often turned into various shapes as they moved accross the sky, he rarely ever noticed a heart shaped cloud. Seeing a heart shaped cloud was said to be lucky for the respective cloud gazer, and Tim's cloud gazing friends could vouch for the fact!

Tim was dying to go out with Louella. Louella, on the other hand, did not seem to know he existed. Louella was a new admission to his Sunday School Class, but he did not ever get an opportunity speak to her or really get to know her until now.

Tim wondered how he could get a date with Louella. The Annual Singing Competition was coming up, and Louella was a great singer so she was obviously taking part. Tim realized he had a brilliant opportunity to get her attention and possibly even win her love.

He decided he would attend every one of her practice sessions, and try his level best to get her attention there. It was a simple idea, but it had a lot of potential.

Tim made up his mind to follow through with his plan. He also considered what his cloud gazing friends had told him.

Louella planned on practicing for the singing competition in the Church auditorium the next day. Tim somehow got a hold of the information, and immediately decided he would also attend.

Louella arrived at the Church Auditorium and promptly Tim was there too. She approached the stage, picked up the microphone, and started to rehearse her song.

There were a number of other teenagers there, who were also taking part, who were there to rehearse and practice as well.

Tim took his place among the audience as planned seemingly just so he could listen to Louella sing. Louella noticed him there, and looked visibly pleased that there was a familiar face present just to watch her practice.

Louella sang louder than usual, she sang with zeal and passion. She looked at Tim and felt encouraged, it showed in her voice as well.

Tim loved the way she sang. He was really impressed, and stood up and clapped for her. Louella saw the spark in his eyes and wondered if perhaps he really did like her. She was so happy that he had taken the trouble to attend!

Tim decided from then on, that he would try and attend every one of her practice sessions. He knew that it was also a way to get to know her better.

Tim realized that relying on his cloud gazing theory seemed more reliable if he too did something about their situation. Tim thought that getting to know Louella and trying be friends first was a better way to get her to fall for him.

The next Monday arrived and Tim planned to go cloud gazing with his friends again. Yet again he saw that heart shaped cloud. He was very surprised!

He was excited too! He told his cloud gazing buddies. They told him that he probably was in luck since it was rare to see a heart shaped cloud two consecutive Mondays in a row.

Again Tim decided to attend Louella's singing practice session. She noticed him this time too, and really appreciated the fact that he was there!

Oddly Tim started to notice that he too was starting to sing better! Tim felt Louella was starting to have a positive effect on him, and he liked this development.

Another opportunity for Cloud Gazing came and that Monday afternoon, Tim lay in the grass of Green Gable Park with his cloud gazing friends.

Tim waited and watched. He didn't realize but he closed his eyes for too long. He was fantasising about Louella winning the competition, and about her kissing him later.

When he finally opened his eyes, he found himself all alone in Green Gable park, as he had fallen asleep for a couple of hours! It was late afternoon, Tim felt a little disappointed.

The singing competition was scheduled on Sunday next. He knew not running home would result in missing Lunch.

Even still, he decided to wait on a heart shaped cloud. He had set his watch timer for 15 minutes which seemed to be enough time to spot one.

As he lay there in the grass, he started to observe the clouds. He noticed many clouds of many shapes and sizes. First he saw a giant ink blot, then he saw a sphere, he even saw a duck. He was being patient...

A heart shaped cloud appeared on the horizon- Tim was elated! He had officially sighted heart shaped clouds three Mondays in a row!

Tim even decided to pray that Louella would win the competition. Finally the big day arrived.

Louella got on stage at her turn, all dressed up, in a beautiful pink mini dress. She opened her mouth to sing, and let her melodious voice out. Her singing seemed to be a winner note after note.

She really had won the audience over. Louella Descartes already happened to be a Sunday School Choir Sensation.

Tim's presence had induced Louella to perform her best at every practice session. Finally she hit the high note with flair on the day of the competition.

Tim stood up and cheered loudly and the entire Audience followed. 

Destiny had it that Louella Descartes would win the competition easily. Perhaps the cloud gazing theory had something to do with it.

After the competiton, Louella and Tim kissed. That was her way of thanking him for attending her practice sessions. She also admitted that everytime she saw him, she sang with even more zeal.

She confided in him that even though she was a talented singer, Tim had actually helped her win the competition.

Tim kissed Louella on the cheek after a long and passionate smooch. Louella seemed a little bashful at first, but then she asked him to go out with her that evening.

The two of them planned on visiting a nice Diner on the outskirts of their hometown. Louella insisted her folks would be okay with it, so long as they drove them there, and picked them up later. Louella's parents were obviously not okay with her going on a date at her tender age.

That evening Tim stared into Louella's eyes for a really long time, with her permission of course. They kissed too. Tim was so happy, he had nothing but his cloud gazing theory to thank!

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22:57 May 03, 2022

Aww so cute loved this!!


Sarah Desouza
04:19 May 05, 2022

Thank youuu


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Sarah Desouza
08:49 May 31, 2022

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Stevie B
11:20 Apr 26, 2022

Sarah, you share some interesting observations with your writing. Nicely done.


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