Love you, Meghan Davies!

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Coming of Age

' your body. That's one of the most intuitive ways a person can control their cravings!' Meghan had once told me.

I still remember her saying that!

'Who?' you might ask me. But I once really did have this crazy friend called Meghan Davies. Today she also happens to be a nutritionist. She moved to Canada a few years ago.

Apart from her crazy but great advice, we also had a crazy friendship!

I was the 'official fatty' of the class, the only one of my size in my class. Meghan had taken it upon herself to help me lose some weight. I must say, she is the reason that I dropped a couple of pounds, all thanks of course to her sage advice!

I have to admit as a young person, I felt grossed out when I looked in the mirror.I confided my feelings in Meghan. I told her about the many times I went shopping with the fam, with my mum picking out outfits for me that never ever seemed to fit. Meghan decided to accompany us to help find me some nice clothes to wear.

She really was a gem. A Precious friend- who could live without friends like that? And so, here I will narrate how exactly Meghan helped me lose a whopping twenty-five pounds in just about two months!

One day I came home frustrated and upset.

When I sat down at the dinner table with my folks, they wouldn't have it. I took a miniscule amount of food on my plate and they asked me 'if it was humanly possible that a person could eat so less for lunch and still survive the rest of the day?'

I then confided in them that 'yet again someone in school had called me a fatty, and there was no other way to lose weight than to consciously start eating less'. They just wouldn't have it. They wanted me to eat my lunch, and they never wanted me ever repeating the act of eating too less for lunch. Never ever again.

(Yes, that's what my folks were like back in the day. But I couldn't live without them either. They were weird but I loved them)

So what was my next course of action? I decided to confide in my best buddy Meghan. No one other than the legendary Meghan Davies, to me atleast. I had no idea until now, that she was an aspiring nutritionist.

Immediately after lunch, I decided to call her up on my cell phone, in the privacy of my room. She immediately picked up the phone. She was my best friend of course! Why wouldn't she do that!

'You gotta help me lose weight,' I had told her. 'I will' came the prompt reply. 'But you gotta do as I say!I've been reading up on nutrition and health." she added. After that we spoke for close to three whole hours.

What was the conversation about?

Nothing but Meghan' s extremely practical weight loss tips. She suggested some really gross things like 'Exercise' and 'drinking more water'. She also said that I 'needed to avoid Pizza'.

'WHAT!' no more pizza? Life would never be the same. She also told me to 'Listen to my body', and 'to stop eating not just when I was 'Physically full, but when I felt that I wasn't as hungry anymore.' in her own words. These small things were my body's hunger and "satiety" signals' she had said.

'Satie-ty?' what ever is that? I had asked her. Okay, so I thought she would put me on a fancy diet or something, but these small seemingly insignificant lifestyle tips she had given me were going to change my life forever! She also said she wanted feedback. Boy, oh boy wasn't she a great fitness coach!

I followed these tips to the T.

I decided to try and workout every once in a while. Like around three times a week. I totally cut down on my intake of sugary-sweet beverages and stuck to coffee. I drank upto 8 glasses of water a day.

These ofcourse were all of her tips.

And of course I tried to monitor my body's satiety signals like she had told me to. I ate until I 'felt full'. I tried to be as determined as I possibly could be. Suddenly one day, a couple of weeks later, someone said:

'Hey Sarah (me) you seem smaller somehow!'

And I couldn't believe my ears! I was actually overjoyed! Could it be that I was losing weight? I wondered. I stepped on to the weighing scale that day when I got home.

I had lost 4 pounds!

That was indeed the happiest day of my life! I was finally losing weight! I decided to stick to Meghan's weight loss tips. And so, that was that. I was on a path I felt, and it was indeed leading me somewhere! I was getting to buy smaller size clothing and feeling better about myself!

Soon I felt inquisitive about my weight again. I decided to step on the scale. Another 4 pounds down! I decided that I would tell Meghan!

'I can see that you are losing weight! I kinda guessed the last time we were together! You wanna come to the gym with me? I could suggest some exercises!'

And I did. We started to go three times a week! Suddenly I found that I was losing a drastic amount of weight. It was almost a month-and-a-half now, and I had lost close to 15 pounds!

I had no one but Meghan to thank!

She was an ICON in my life. Her great advice made my life change and made doors open for me. Also I gained a whole lot of confidence and faith in myself. My life changed. No longer was I one of the chubby lesser known kids in high school. I was now one of the cool and pretty ones.

We eventually parted ways and Meghan went to university. Meghan Davies now lives in Ontario, Canada and works as a holistic nutritionist. It seemed to be her glorious destiny.

She still is one of those women who lives an effortlessly healthy lifestyle. She believes in 'Live and Let live!' and she also believes in 'Listening to your body', and 'to stop eating not just when you are physically full, but when you feel that you aren't as hungry anymore.' in her own words. These small things are your body's hunger and 'satiety signals' she still believes.

Her very practical advice still works to this day. I think I remember her telling me that as well.

I haven't heard from Meghan ever since. I'm too busy with a job that I love to hate, working as a real estate agent. Meghan, though, is doing what she loves- transforming lives! Her practical advice is changing people's lives!

I will never forget Meghan Davies! She changed my life!

Love you, Meghan Davies!

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Shaylynn Skinner
03:15 Jan 26, 2022

Oh my gosh completely beautiful! I could read it 1,000 times. Will you read mine: The Locked Door?..........................................................................................................................................................Maybe follow


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Akshara .
05:40 Nov 09, 2021

This was so sweet and creative. 💕 This story made me smile at their beautiful friendship. :) Also do you think you can follow me, Sarah?


Sarah Desouza
19:37 Nov 19, 2021



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