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I came back and found I was downvoted so much... guess these downvoters got busy. I dunno why I'm the target of their hate, but that's fine. I feel like I won't be someone my friends will be able to be proud of. They won't be able to say 'my friend is on the leaderboard' anymore, and I wanted to make all of us happy by making others happy. As the days pass, I have nobody really to talk to, my motivation is gone, and everyone else seems to be moving and adjusting quicker than I ever could. I guess I'm the only one not used to this. Anyway, my followers count is 360, so thank you guys so much for being with my this entire time while I learned and struggled. I really appreciate all the advice and everything, although sometimes it may seem like I don't. I'm so grateful to all of you, more than you guys could ever know.