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Hi peeps! I'm back! This is Moon Fox (AKA Moon) coming at you. Pronoun: SHE HER Age: I'm not telling. HA (Vague clue. Older than 10 but younger than 21. :) Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Patronus: otter PJ Godly Parent: Apollo Sign: Leo Fun facts: I'm WEIRD! I sound like a kid, but I can write pretty dark things if i want to. I love animals, KOTLC, nice peeps, and a good fantasy book. Keefe is mine! I'd say fight me but I'm nonviolent. Faves Things color: Silver and dark blues animal: ALL DA FLOOF BABIES (Take a guess) place: I like Missouri season: all of them for reasons :) Likes: KOTLC, foxes, glitter, weird stuff, magic, google forms I can fill out Dislikes: haters, Mondays, that sort of day, no google forms ever Don't be mean. Love all da peeps. I'm LDS (Latter Day Saint.) PLEASE don't judge. Rando thought that's been drifting in my brain from another person's bio "Chickens are related to dinos. We ate chicken nuggies. Does that mean we eat dino nuggies? (And adds a layer to dino shaped nuggies? And long distance cannibalism through birds and crocodiles?) I love all of you. Even if you hate me, I love you. Please don't be mad if I don't answer right then. #KOTLCforlife #Catvibes #allthegoodfeels #leanonmeifuneedafriend #FANTASY #meep #teenlife #TOOMUCHHASHTAGSBUTSTILLFUNTHO Please spam ☺if you want to be followed Why does Reedsy not have a search thingy for usernames? Love yall. Peace! Moon Fox