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IMMA MARSHMALLOW. A marshmallow, in my mind, is no longer an Upvoter. We are people that will spread joy and upvoting intense amounts can be damaging to other's self-esteem. We shall continue to love and compliment outside of upvoting because there are so many other, better, ways that keep the focus on the writing. If, however, you think upvoting is also kind and joyous, then I can't stop you, but I will implore you to see reason. WRITING QUIZ: PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION SO THE DOWNVOTING WILL STOP!: Queen of Upvotes: Jennie Queen of Fantasy: Mira Caplan Queens of Inspirational Lit: Carolina Shaw and Maya Emerson King of LGBT+ Lit: Ari Reynes (He used to change his name a ton) Queen of Drama: Nainika Gupta Queen of Humor: Raquel Rodriguez King of Collabs: Isaac Aaron King of Emotion in Stories: MEEEEE Prophet of Reedsy: MEEEEEE Queens of Niceness: Haripriya/Laila Lavender and Brooke D. The One-hit Wonder: Amaya M. Demonslayer Queen: Celeste Shinobu Queen of Wolf Stories: Megan Sutherland Queen of Dystopian: Kate Reynolds King of Critiques: Leo Greer O.G. All-around Queen: Avery G. Queen of Poems: Amany Eland Queen of LitRPG: Phebe Emmanuel Queen of Names: Zilla Babbit Queen of Gaming Stories: Jade Kingsley Queen of Description: Coco Longstaff My name is Luke, you can call me Lit or Litlover if you wanna be formal, and I am prob one of the biggest book nerds in the world and I would soooooooo love to do it professionally. My profile name is Litlover because literature encompasses reading and writing, both of which I love more than anything in the world. SPECIAL MESSAGE: Mira Caplan, my IRL and Reedsy bestie, is so sweet and complimenting, and she has called me Tolkien reincarnated soooooooooooooooooooooooo many times. By that logic, she's C.S. Lewis incarnated. She writes the most fantasy of anyone on this site and it's all in the Aldenverse. She mispronounces everything (Keefie instead of Keefe) but she's an amazing friend and I'm glad to have her as one. see if you can decipher the emoji puzzle in my name and I'll add another one. Leaderboard: 1. Felicity Williams: 10 correct guesses 2. jennie and Mira Caplan: 8 correct guesses 4. Vayd Danish, Amethyst, and Sapphire: 4 correct guesses 7. Ari Reynes, Nainika Gupta and Radhika Disha: 3 correct guesses 10. Orenda, Maya Emerson, and Emmie Greensgate: 2 correct guesses 13. Itay F, Avery G, Em Deck, Celeste Shinobu, Waverly Stark, and Kate Reynolds: 1 correct guess. My name: Luke My favorite authors: Knut Hamsun, Agatha Christie, John Steinbeck, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anton Chekhov, Toni Morrison, AYN RAND. Philosophy: Objectivism Favorite Genre (to read): Literary Fiction, High Fantasy. Favorite Genre (to write): Fantasy, Emotional, Contemporary. Favorite Movie: Enola Holmes and Forrest Gump Favorite Stories on Reedsy: TDR by Mira Caplan Game of Lions by Nainika Gupta Classic Author Stories by MEEEEEEEEEE Happy Birthday (I think) by Sia Sharma MANY MORE TOO Favorite of my stories: The Collector, Live and Let die, Atlas. Favorite Candy: Skittles or Sour Patch Favorite Ice Cream: CHOCOLATE Favorite thing to give: CRITIQUES NEW FAVE SONGS: HWAA by g-idle at and Courage to Change by Sia at PLEASE LISTEN TO MAMAMOO THEY ARE QUEENS AND THE BEST KPOP GROUP URGENT: BOOKS ABOUT WRITING THAT YOU MUST READ ARE READ LIKE A WRITER BY FRANCINE PROSE, HOW TO WRITE LIKE TOLSTOY: A JOURNEY INTO THE MINDS OF OUR GREATEST AUTHORS, AND WRITE LIKE THE MASTERS: EMULATING THE BEST OF HEMINGWAY, SALINGER, FAULKNER, AND MORE. THESE ARE SUCH GREAT, INFORMATIVE BOOKS. My Novel ideas at the moment (NO COPYING IF YOU DO I WILL SUE): Canney Station (A man had a gigantic fight with his daughter 2 years ago and every evening he waits at the train station for the train that'll take him to her but he doesn't have the courage to step on. This is about his emotional struggle) Tapestry of Varnala (TOV)(This has a MAAAAAAAAAAAAAJOR Worlbuilding scheme that cannot be fully explained here so if you're interested then ask me about it in the comments) Swallow's Cries (Jasmine, a robin, and the rest of her family, have lived in New York for all of their lives and never even migrated, but it's getting too polluted for birds, so they're trying to make their way to South America.) SERVICES I PROVIDE ________________________ Prophecy writing for Fantasy Adding emotion into writing. Magic Powers for Fantasy. Worldbuilding Character Development Novel Originality Styles of Famous authors **Side note: I will be trying to write stories inspired by the styles of certain authors to develop my own craft and I'll specify who in each one. This is not copying, it's being influenced by what other authors do well. TRIVIA (JENNIE STARTED DOING THIS SO WHY NOT??) 1. What does Lillian Rearden liken the Rearden Metal bracelet that Hank gives her to? (ATLAS SHRUGGED) 2. Who does Equality 7-2521 find the underground cave with? (ANTHEM) 3. What does Josef Kavalier help Kornblum get out of the country in the Adventures of Kavalier and Clay? 4. Name all 10 people that were on Soldier Island in And Then There Were None. 5. Who killed Roger Ackroyd and how? 6. Name 4 separate Agatha Christie series. THE PRIZE FOR ANY OF THESE IS A SHOUTOUT ON MY STORIES WHICH BOOK CHARACTERS DO YOU THINK YOU'D BE BEST FRIENDS WITH?? COMMENT IN MY STORIES.