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birthday is on valentine's day but is still single lol💗 inactive because of school and sports practice💗 has a reedsy fantasy series: War of Elements💗 thinks Gone With the Wind is the best book💗 will automatically follow you if you agree💗 thx luke and mira for bringing me here💗 thinks up/downvoting is immature...💗 no idea why i have so many points💗 if you can't tell already, i'm tryna💗 get these hearts in a nice slant💗 but that means this stuff will💗 be very weird in attempt to💗 reach that goal heheheh💗 almost 250 followers!!!💗 almost 5000 points!!💗 almost 10 stories!!! 💗 almost at the end💗 bear with me lol💗 for a very cool💗 ending that 💗 will surely💗 surprise💗 y'all!!!💗 3, 2💗 1!!💗 💗 i'll come up with one later :D Poll: -should i make the shape above more like a half diamond? (small, large, small) -or should it be something other than hearts -or should the hearts be rainbow? -or could i even do a rainbow shaped one using RAINBOW HEARTS