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*tips cowboy hat* Hiii! I'm Brooke, a dancer (not just a ballerina)/author/bookworm/friend/student/daughter/sister/granddaughter/person who should probably be put in a mental institute/fanatic for a lot of things/music lover/theater kid who doesn't act What I miss from 2020, early 2021 Reedsy: -omg those ship wars were hilarious and i'm so glad i was one of the main creators of them -giving my friends their -nana name -not knowing what downvoting was -writing Reedsy casts that had no plot -sapphire's philosophies -giving each other genuine compliments -making random google forms that have no purpose -not having to pay to write -being *able* to write -whatever *this* is anyway -making up words (example: thingamajig) -PLAYFULLY SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER LIKE THIS -the Skribbl squad -my besties <3