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I found someone. 🦥 YOU CANNOT TELL ME THIS IS THE CUTEST EMOJI OF ALL FLIPPING TIME! EEEEE! IM MIGHT BE SLOWLY LOSING IT! I NAMED HIM. HIS NAME IS NUTELLA. PUT 🦥 IN A STORY TO GET FOLLOWED AND UPVOTED! 🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥 I HAVE A NEW OBSESSION. HELP. I CAN’T STOP THINK ABOUT NUTELLA!!! Writing is not something you just do... it’s about something you enjoy. I don’t just enjoy writing... I live writing. I’m single Pringle and I love writing about anything! Give me ideas and I just might get to them!! I’m really weird and pretty talkative. I love strawberry’s and I love video games! I’m hoping to win a contest in the future! :3 I hope that you all like my story’s! If you don’t like them don’t comment about it... just stay quiet if you don’t have something nice to say... Oh and FYI... if you comment I will reply ASAP! Thx!(P.S. Imma Christian. Don’t type No-no words. We clean minds here -^-) 💜 ((P.S.S mah friends are Hehe Hedgehog 🦔🦔🦔 , Powerful Thanos, Blake Ashley, and Lone Wolf so plz follow them too.)) Thx 🙏🏻 I’m trying to write as often as I can! Everyday I’ll change my profile picture to what I’m feeling. (This is also to help me because I hate having the same profile picture) I won’t be on that much because of Survivor. It’s a reward for ILEARN. I will be most active in the mornings and in the afternoons. Around 3:00 in IN time Hashtags- #speedwriters! #smartbrains! #wolfcrew! I got downvoted! 200 points?! 🤬 Nickname: JJ Likes: singing, writing, hanging out, role playing, and lots more! :) Dislikes: cheese, dancing, being alone, bratty people, and pink. Favorite color(s): purple Best songs ever: Lovely, Bellyache, DNA, Boy in the bubble, 1994, The rivers gonna cry when you’re gone, and Chosen last. (There’s a lot more but I can’t list them all...😅 Favorite animal: wolf Rp comment count: 750+ 😳😳😳 Personal information— Mood rn- 😐 Friends- Too many to count! Feeling lonely or overflowing with joy- JOy! How am I feeling- I am feeling good. LiKe I ShOuLd Feeling crazy, or stupid?- crazyyyy Riddle of the day- What flys quickly through the day? Answer- time Bible verse of the day- For I know the plans I have for you (Jeremiah 29:11) “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” I really hope you know the amount of effort that goes into these story’s! :D I would love to make some friends on here!!! :D Other things.... Backstory:. I was bullied in kindergarten... (keep in mind I had no friends) I got a friend in first grade and second. I was bullied mega in third grade and my friends didn’t give a crap. In forth I lost one of my friends. Fifth I was manipulated into a stupid thing and I was bullied I also lost my last friend and faced depression. Now, I’m in sixth and I absolutely love life and I’ve not gotten bullied this year. All I can say from this experience is, “It’s hard to keep going I know. But sometimes... you gotta let it go and be you. Every time you do that, you show who you really are.” :) Joining my friend group: you don’t have to change you’re name or profile picture. I won’t make you do that. I just ask that you ask me if you’d like to join. All my followers are considered my friends. I will let you do whatever you’d like. (Don’t be a down voter tho...) just ask. I hope you love these story’s and I would love to do a story with someone! Some quotes from me- “Never give up. Keep writing and reading. No matter what anyone tells you, you should always keep going.” “Being alone doesn’t mean you’ll be alone forever. It just means you need time.” “When someone asked me how I felt, I said “I feel as if the world shifts and I don’t shift with it. I’m someone who doesn’t follow along. I do things my way.”” “You can’t break a birds wings and then tell it to fly. You can’t break a heart and then tell it to love. You can’t give bad and expect to receive good. You can’t give good and expect to receive bad.” I know I’m not the best at wring but you know, I don’t care. Writing is my passion and it’s something I enjoy. 😜 Sorry guys! Lab rats is maxed out! If you signed up to be a lab rat, you might have to be a human (because of the over flow of lab rats. Sorry!!!) To be a character in a random story! So what are you waiting for? Go and write with your passion! (Wow you made it to the bottom. Cool! Now comment on the story if you can find the Purple Heart! (It’s easy))