Adventure Fantasy Mystery

"Good morning ma'am!" the woman said as I stepped my foot inside of this café.

I put my messy hair at the back of my ear as I roamed my eyes upon this place. It has vintage style with lots of books everywhere. The sits were quite unique for having a bookshelves by its side.

The scent of expresso is coating my nose that makes me wanna close my eyes and feel the scenery.

"Ma'am?" if it wasn't for the woman, I might had fallen into this place and stare at this all day.

"What do you have?" I asked as I sat on the floor type place.

It has a mini table and flat pillow as your sit. A bookshelf is blocking my sight to the other table. It makes a big point if you want some privacy, even though you are in a public place.

I am starting to like here, I guess I might do a lot of vacations from college.

Usually, I get bored whenever my parents sent me here at my Grandpa's place. I really hate province for having poor connections and boring places.

Well at last I get to know this café that my Grandpa suggested me to visit.

He knows how much I love books and coffee. I mean, I could literally live a year with books all over my sight!

I can manage social media and reading books at the same time. I will buy book before anything else!

"Try our cocktails ma'am" she pointed the lower back part of the menu.

I scanned the drinks and I almost laughed when I read their new drinks!

"Pumpkin and preJUICEdice" I dictated as I force myself to not laugh.

Their new cocktails were inspired by novels! how insane is that?

"I want Harry Pasta too" I said as my mouth watered at the sight of their carbonara.

"Any side dishes ma'am?" she asked again as her smile grew wider.


You don't smile to your costumer like that, you might scare her! She looks like a hunter that puts a trap in the middle of the forest and she, herself lures her victim.

Is it just me or what?

Am I imagining things or she's just that weird?

"Give me apple pies" I replied and put an awkward smile. 

She once again wrote on her notepad and took the menu as she walk away to give my order to her crewmate.

"Hmmm let's see." I said as I crazily talk to myself.

I ran my index finger towards the books as I find myself something to read. I want something that is quite mysterious or once in a lifetime experience. 

I am quite choosy when it comes to novels, I don't want something that is cliché or something that is obvious. 

"A time to kill?" I uttered as I grabbed the book. 

Never heard of that.

Oh wait! that's quite familiar! 

That's it! Grandpa use to tell me about John Grisham, the author of this book! 

But I never pay attention to read his works, maybe because I thought my Grandpa has a poor taste in genres.

I opened it and made myself busy by reading it. As I wait for my order, I found myself curiously reading this book. 

Wow, every word has emotions in me. It feels like I am in different place and in different time.

That is why I do adore books that much because even though I am stuck for how many years with books, I will never get tired of traveling through books.

It feels like whenever I open the book, I walk in serenity and drew paths that leads me to every juncture of life.

I was about to go to the next chapter when my order came. I set aside the book first and focused on my meal.

"Here you go ma'am, Pumpkin and preJUICEdice, Harry Pasta and 2 Apple pie." she said as she point out the food itself.

As I must say, the plating was very cute and will fit to my Instagram. 

"Can you take a picture of me?" I asked as I took out my phone.

I almost forgot that I brought a phone with me, books are indeed distracting.

"Sure" she accepted and did as what I say.

I smiled through the camera and took at least three photos.

"Thank you!" I said and waited for her to go.

I quickly took a sip on the pumpkin juice. The soft feeling of pumpkin are flowing on my pharynx that made a refreshing taste. It has a lot of ice that makes it very cold and yummy.

I averted my gaze towards the pasta and in that second, I was like hypnotized and was ordered to eat that. I was very addicted to carbonara because who else doesn't? The sauce and the pasta itself makes me wanna have more and more.

As I use my fork to eat, an unusual box caught my attention. It's like a small container and I don't know why it's here.

I don't remember ordering this, Do they even have these in here? I mean this is a café, so why does a weird box came out of nowhere?

Does this belongs to me? But I swear this isn't mine!

I stood up leaving no choice but to approach the woman who served me this. 

"Excuse me?" I said.

"Are you out of your mind?!"

"No! It is his order, I just followed!"

There were two of them and they were arguing for something that I don't know.

Well I don't like gossips so I won't question them.

But who the hell ordered her? What is the order? What did she follow? 

Darn it!

Curiosity will kill you, self

"Yes?" The woman who served me, said.

"May I ask why you had given me this?" I asked as I showed them the box.

I saw how the other woman's face dimmed. She was like anxious of what might happen.

Hey! I don't even know what's this.

"Oh that? Giveaways for a-for our uhm.." she said while thinking.

Oh come on, you are so obvious. 

I can see hesitations in her eyes that made me believe myself that there is something fishy.

What's happening?

"For your new launched cocktails?" I asked.

"Y-Yeah! right, our newly launched cocktails!" She said and put a nervous smile.

I put a suspicious look but in the end, I just looked away and went back to my table.

What is this? 

I opened the box and I got a little trouble of opening this. It's very secure, It's not that heavy but the root details upon it made a fantasy feels.

Having the box by my side, I took another sip through my drink and ate a apple pie.

As I remove the cover, I saw a thin cloth hiding the thing. I also removed the black cloth, only to find out that a key is what is hidden inside this box.

"A key?" I asked myself.

I looked towards the other table but it seems like they were all busy talking nonsense.

I just shrugged and put the key back to the box. I ate again and read the same book I am reading earlier.

I already ate all the carbonara and apple pie, I am just chilling with the pumpkin juice while reading 'A Time To Kill'

I let myself enjoy this moment until I felt like I need to pee. I stood up and saw the sign on the right that the comfort room is over there. Without thinking, I brought the key with me. I tried to open the door but it seems like it is locked or is occupied.

I waited a little longer until I can't hold my pee anymore. 

That's the time when I noticed a sign that says 'Use the key' in bold and elegant letters.

Was it the key that I am holding?

I entered the key to the keyhole and turned it and to my surprise, it did!

But I was shocked when I get to see what is inside. This is not a comfort room! 

The moment I laid my eyes upon this astonishing place, I knew myself was more than contented. It was like the sky is always blue, the animals were talking and the flowers blooms. 

I took a step and appreciates the beauty in it. 

"Welcome back Estella" I was shocked by the mere presence of the man in front of me. 

Did he just know my name?

"Uhm? Should I know you?" I curiously asked.

"Silly, you always ask that every autumn season" he chuckled but I can see sadness on his eyes.

There is something inside me that wants to remember. Something that wants to hug him and say its alright.

But how the hell am I going to say that to a stranger?!

"I will never get tired of waiting for you..." he said as he gently touched my cheeks. My tears automatically rolled down without knowing why.

I threw myself a hug to him and I don't wanna let go. 

"Hush, let me remind you of days when you were here" he said and planted a kiss on my forehead.

He held my hands and I whole heartedly held his too. 

We were both walking towards a water falls that has veins that I think has a secret place inside. He and I drawn attentions from different creatures here for holding each others hands. 

Yeah I get them, Why would I hold a strangers hand?

"Hey!" I exclaimed when he removed our intertwined hands. I am very afraid that they might hurt me for entering there world.

"Don't worry, I just wanted to cover your eyes" He assured and I automatically felt assurance.

I would trust my life with him even though I don't know him. I just felt safe whenever he holds my hands or whenever he is close to me.

I never felt secure before, not in everyone's dream will I get to feel secure with a stranger.

"I got you" he whispered to my ears as he guide me inside the water falls.

"Let us reminisce every second of our limited love story" he added as I heard his voice cracked into tears.

"Let's continue this unending love story..." he said and we stopped from walking.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

My voice were shaking as my soul were finding answers of what is happening. A while ago, I was just in the coffee shop and enjoying my autumn break. Then I got in here and I don't wanna leave him...

"Let them witness how grateful I am for having you in a short span of time"

"Let me show you how much I love you, one last time" he whispered through my ears as I can feel him breaking out.

Please, stop.

"Just let me" he uttered and removed his hands from covering my eyes.

I never get to appreciate the place that I am in because I hugged him as tight as I could.

I hugged him as if it's our last.

I didn't stop myself for I felt like kissing him, so I did.

I kissed him inside this wonderful place that has plenty of fireflies. We kissed under the light of a thousand lights.

"This is the memory lane..." I uttered as I broke our kiss. I cupped his face and gave him small kisses. 

"How can I forget?" I asked again as I feel his tight hugs.

"Why can't I stay?" I said as I loose my strength.

How can faith be this bad? 

How dare them separate us!

"You know you can't" He said as he look at me straight in the eyes.

That moment, I remember how I first laid my eyes upon his. How I love his eyes but sadly, I can only see him once a year.

Every time the autumn breeze kissed my cheeks...

This happens every year, whenever I go to grandpa's house. But we will go to states next month that's why I can't visit him anymore.

"Why don't we try? Why don't you try to cross the boarder?" I suggested hopelessly.

If pleading was the answer then I will!

If its impossible then we'll make it possible.

"But they say it takes a lot of power to cross that and I'm powerless" He uttered as he face down.

I held his chin to face me again.

"Do you love me?"

"Of course" he said without hesitations

"Then you are not powerless" I said.

I never wasted time to hold his hands and we ran towards the portal. 

As we face the portal, I held his hand and held it tighter.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked. 

"I am more than sure, Adriann." I said as I sighed heavily.

I kissed him one last time...

I kissed every details of his face.

As my tears flows unending...

I remembered his expresso-colored eyes, his black with blue highlights hair, his pointed nose and his thin lips.

I don't want to forget you, Adriann. 

I promise, I won't...

"Together?" I asked as I put a lot of brave in my heart.

"Together" He said as he put a bracelet on my wrist.

I love you...


"Come again, miss" The woman said.

Hmm strange, I forgot where I put the key I am holding a while ago.

Nevermind! It's getting dark and I must go home before 6!

It's just a walking distance from home so I quickly got home. 

"Grandpa! I'm home!" I shouted when I entered his house.

"Where is he?" he nervously asked.


"Who's he?" I asked back.

He just shook his head and went back to the kitchen.

I went upstairs to change these clothes to comfortable ones.

While I was brushing my hair, I noticed that I was wearing a bracelet.

Where did this came from?

I checked its details and I found it for having colorful gems. It shines at the dark and it's like a lighters, beautiful.


3 years later

"Grandpa!" I said as I hugged him tight.

I am finally back from states! It is good to be back!

"Estella! I missed you!" he said and kissed my cheeks.

"I wanna go to the café, can I?" I excitedly said as I put down my bag on the couch.

"Ohh It's gone Estella, they take it down for good" he sadly said.

I was more surprise for what I am feeling. I felt like almost a half of me had fallen from the sad news he gave to me.

"Can I at least go there?" I uttered in a shaky voice.

He just nodded at me and I quickly ran as fast as I could to reach the café.

But when I get there, it has signs that says it is out of bounds and do not enter.

But why am I feeling this? I am not supposed to feel like this!

"We succeed" the man with expresso eyes said.


"What do you mean?" I asked as my forehead creased.

"Why aren't you wearing the bracelet?" He asked. 

I don't know why get him but I showed him my wrist as a proof that I am wearing it.

"You were right, I am not powerless" he uttered with a teary eyes.

"Excuse me?" I said again.

I don't know what's his talking about.

"Let me show you how much I love you, once again" he said and kissed me softly.

By that moment, I knew that it was him.

The man that mad me feel secure.

The man who waited patiently.

And the man who never give up and kept fighting for our love story.

When the autumn breeze kissed my cheeks.

October 12, 2020 08:37

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Hello there Light Fury!! (Great name by the way...) I just want to say how well you wrote this story!! I think you did an amazing job! :)


Light Fury
03:34 Oct 19, 2020

Glad you like it!


No problem! :)


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Lani Lane
04:02 Oct 19, 2020

Welcome to Reedsy! There were a few grammar errors in here—nothing that Grammarly can’t fix, I would recommend using that or something similar! Also, watch the tense. It changes between present and past. Here’s a great website for dialogue punctuation: https://www.authorlearningcenter.com/writing/fiction/w/character-development/6491/8-essential-rules-for-punctuating-dialogue---article Hope these suggestions help! Keep writing!


Light Fury
11:14 Oct 19, 2020

Thank you! I appreciate it mwah!


Lani Lane
14:39 Oct 20, 2020

Of course! I like your pen name by the way, I'm a huge How to Train Your Dragon fan, especially of the soundtrack.


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B. W.
03:44 Oct 19, 2020

I enjoyed this story and i'm gonna give it a 10/10 :)


Light Fury
03:47 Oct 19, 2020



B. W.
03:52 Oct 19, 2020

"Light Fury" is that supposed to be the thing from how to train your dragon 3? ^^


Light Fury
01:43 Oct 20, 2020



B. W.
01:44 Oct 20, 2020

Nice ^^


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Light Fury
00:10 Oct 14, 2020

This is my first story waaaaaahhhhhh I'm nervous!


Alby Carter
16:10 Oct 15, 2020

You did so good! I loved it. You were able to tell a well-crafted story with mainly dialogue. Nice job.


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Gip Roberts
20:24 Oct 22, 2020

This was a unique story. The autumn theme was nicely done. Her only being able to remember this man from the other world once a year in autumn was interesting, and I liked your descriptions of her forgetfulness. Liked the names for the drinks you came up with too.


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Aisa M
07:34 Oct 20, 2020

Hi there Light Fury! Love the creativity. Harry Pasta and Pumpkin PreJuicedice.


Light Fury
23:30 Oct 20, 2020

Hello! Thank you!


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Cal Carson
02:35 Oct 20, 2020

Welcome to Reedsy, Light Fury! Interesting read, not bad for your first write on the site. I loved the last line and all those powerful emotions, but there were several grammar errors. I agree with Leilani, maybe having someone else proofread or downloading the free version of Grammarly to fix those. But you have potential, I loved the fantasy elements! Good luck with writing! :)


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Kylie Rudolf
02:13 Oct 20, 2020

This story really puts you in the character's shoes. Not only that, but you managed to practically paint a picture in my mind! Excellent job!


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