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Hey, it's been a while since I've created a new story, but I've got a couple new ones up finally! Just a little bit about me: I love basketball, sticking my head out a car window, dancing in the rain, frogs, name generators, and climbing trees. (and writing, obviously) I do mostly sci-fi, fantasy, or fiction, or basically any kind of story where anything can happen and it's totally at the mercy of my imagination. I've shortlisted on Contest 53, with my story, "Another Day at the Park," and I hope to do it again someday. Check out my newest story, "The Surface of Reality," and my favorite, "Red Ribbon." Feedback is totally welcome! Please criticize, let me know what's wrong with a story, I want to improve! Also, let me know if you want your story read or exchange feedback. I'm happy to head over and give your work(s) a read.