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I'm in the process of overhauling an old novel I recently dusted off. I hope to self-publish it eventually when I'm satisfied that it will make the reader turn the page. In the meantime, I read lots of excellent Reedsy stories and occasionally attempt one myself when inspiration hits. A few authors I encourage anyone looking at this bio to check out: Amy Jayne Conley, an awesome author and aspiring screen writer who deserves more recognition for her intense stories with their face-smacking twists. Rachel Smith, a great writer who practices the "like for like, comment for comment" principle very well and always gives valuable feedback. Nainika Gupta, for the same reason. A hard-working writer who first got my attention with her hilarious story about baking the world's largest cookie. Graham Kinross. His "Daughter of" series will transport you to a well-built fantasy world of knights, creatures, magic, and the triumph of the human spirit. Also any writer who is either new to Reedsy or otherwise struggling to get established. I've read so many great stories at the bottom of these submissions lists by people who deserve to be noticed. They're all well worth the time.