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My name is Gip. I write stuff. I work at a stuffy library, where I shelve stuff. I look forward to the day when some of my stuff is sitting on the shelf with all this other stuff. People tell me I'm too repetitive and stuff, and I'm working really hard to change that stuff. Hopefully one of these days, I'll have the right stuff. I have dabbled with writing ever since I was twelve. If you think my short stories suck, you should have seen some of the garbage I came up with back then. I've attempted several novels over the past twenty-five years. There are only two I actually completed without giving up, and both are still collecting dust as files saved on flash drives. My short story, "We're Not Quitters", was based on the true story of my life as a wannabe writer. The editor I mention in the story is real, and he's the one who has inspired me to stick with it for all these years. Hobbies: Writing and sleeping. Those are the only two things worth doing as far as I'm concerned.