So this is based on the movie I watched 1 month ago, called Geostorm. I tried to make it look like I wasn’t copying. It’s just based on the movie. If you haven’t seen it, you totally should. This story is based on the first parts of the movie, where military troops start to investigate a frozen village in Afghanistan. I hope you enjoy and please comment if you think I should write part 2.

Everyone was warned,

but no one listened.

A rise in temperature,

ocean patterns changed

and ice caps melted.

They called it extreme weather.

They didn't know

what "extreme" was.

In the year of 2019,




and droughts

unleashed a wave of

destruction upon our planet.

We didn't just lose towns

or beachfronts.

We lost entire cities.

The East River swallowed

Lower Manhattan.

A heat wave killed two

million people in Madrid

in just one day.

But in that moment,

facing our own extinction,

it became clear

that no single nation

could solve this problem alone.

The world came together as one,

and we fought back.

Scientists from 17 countries,

led by the U.S. and China,

worked tirelessly.

Not as representatives

of their nations,

but of humanity.

They found a way

to neutralize the storms

with a net of

thousands of satellites

each deploying countermeasures

designed to impact the

basic elements of weather,

heat, pressure and water,

all overseen by the

International Space Station.

They gave the satellite net

a technical name,

but we all came to

call it Dutch Boy

after the story of the child

who plugged a dam

with his finger.

This is what saved us all.

And it was built by a team

led by one man.

When catastrophic climate change endangers Earth's very survival, world governments unite and create the Dutch Boy Program: a world wide net of satellites, surrounding the planet, that are armed with geoengineering technologies designed to stave off the natural disasters. After successfully protecting the planet for two years, the Dutch Boy Program starts having malfunctions. What they thought had secured the planet strikes back and starts damaging it.

2 years later

A desert like no other. People like no other. A village like no other. People walk around, buying and selling from the markets. Children laugh and run around, playing with their pets and their friends. Workers grunt, using their efforts to make another wooden house. A boy sits in a seat at the back of a tent with his dog while his mother haggles with a customer. He starts sighing and looks out at the desert.

”Do you want to go outside and go for a run? Do you wanna play?“

He asks his dog. The dog starts jumping up and fills with excitement.

”Let’s do it then. Cmon, lets go.” The boy picks up his small and almost hairless dog and tells his mother that they are going for a run.

“Don’t go out too far and be careful” The mother warns like always. The boy rolls his eyes and starts running with his dog to the desert. He stops though when he feels a slight breeze coming from ahead. He cocks his head and looks at his dog, like it would be any help. Suddenly, the grains of sand he is standing one feel cold, and his head snaps up. Electricity shoots up his spine and its all over in one moment. He wanted to look at his dog, but his dog is also frozen already. The village starts freezing with the boy and people freeze. There is no time to think because they are already dead.

2 weeks later

”Are you ready? Have you got your radios and satellite trackers? Communication telephones? Are we ready?”

“Yes Sir.“

“Then lets do this. Stop the van and park us right over here.”

“Yes Sir.”

”Alright gentlemen, its time for some investigating.”

The highly trained military troopers and their chief get out of the van and carefully start walking over the desert. As they keep marching and connecting their devices, a frosty breeze immediately makes the troops to start wishing they had brought extra gear and clothes. However, the chief remained cautious. He picks up the grains of sand that the breeze had slightly touched and examines them. Unlike the normal grains of sand you would find on a beach, they were cold and stiff and just a little big bigger. The chief furrows his eyebrows and rakes his eyes over the sand until he sees a village far away.

Except the village is on ice. The chief widens his eyes and calls out to the rest of the team.

”Everyone get out your devices and trackers. We’re heading towards that village on ice.” The chief nods warily to the rest of the team and starts walking again. The others share glances with each other, saying we might be scaredy cats, but our chief knows best. Let’s follow. And they also start marching.

Once safely at the village, the team starts to investigate. The people are all frozen, and it looks like a real life model of a village turned into an ice skating rink. At the very front of the village is a boy with his dog. The boy looks confused and the dog is in a position which means he was running. The chief approaches a frozen woman holding a basket and lightly touches her frosted hand. The hand suddenly falls to the frozen ground, leaving a sight of pink and red left on her elbow. The chief staggers back, widens his eyes again, and shakes his head.

“We got a frozen village in the desert here. I just touched a woman’s hand, and it freaking fell off. Do you get that?”

From the other side of the line, a voice comes back.

“Yes, we get that. Can you tell us if they are all still frozen or if the ice is starting to wear off?”

”Sir, the ice is frozen. It doesn’t look like it snowed because of a natural disaster. I think there’s something wrong with Dutch Boy.”

January 16, 2021 23:47

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Hey there Coco! I think this is such a good quality story you have here! Great job!


Coco Longstaff
00:19 Jan 17, 2021

Thx so much!


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Nainika Gupta
16:39 Jan 28, 2021

Hey Coco!! GHAA I loved Geostorm - thought it was super awesome...er well as awesome as people messing around with the weather and having it backfire on them spectacularly could be XD I loved how you wrote this story, thought it really did well in terms of the uniqueness yet had the geostorm inspiration! Amazing job!!


Coco Longstaff
06:36 Jan 29, 2021

OMG thank you so so much yah lol Thanks again☺️


Nainika Gupta
13:35 Jan 29, 2021

:) np!!


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. .
00:01 Jan 26, 2021

Pourquoi of the bio?? That really sucks. I hope you're feeling better soon, Cola!!! :D


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13:53 Jan 19, 2021

I've never watched the movie, but this seems pretty contemporary, so even if it's based on it, it wouldn't be copyrighted. I like the formatting in the beginning!


Coco Longstaff
08:29 Jan 20, 2021

OMG thanks so much I’m soo soo glad that you dont think its copywrighting 😬 THANKS SO MA


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New story out sis!


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COCO!!!! I'm so mad at u girl! why u didn't chat with me?!!! for like a week? How are u doing? BTW-Love this story!!!! Great work:DDD And also check out my bio!!!


Coco Longstaff
07:12 Jan 28, 2021

AHHHH IM SO SORRY sis I promise i make it up to u Oh I’m alright you know I’m kinda missing out on sleep right now Ooo thanks so much and sure!!!


U better sis LOL!!! Of course!! YAY!


Coco Longstaff
06:42 Jan 29, 2021

Hehe 😇


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Coco Longstaff
12:14 Jan 24, 2021

Heyy yah I’m ok great its just i cant see my crush for this whole week while I’m at school which saddens me heh How r u?


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