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I NEED Y'ALL'S (yes, that's a word) HELP WITH TRAP THE DRAGON. GO ON AND COMMENT YOUR AMAZINGLY CAUGHT MISTAKES. PLEASE. (and thank you :) Happy New Year! Can't believe it's already 2022, marking yet another year touched by the pandemic's oily hands. Hope y'all are doing well! *Movie emoji puzzle uPDAted!* *New Story Out!* Blade in the Dust ꧁༺♥༻꧂ Howdy folks! Nainika here. *waves from the burbs of Chicago* Female (my preferred pronouns are ‘your majesty’ she/her) 20. Horse-rider with a beautiful horse who I don't deserve. ----SO. MUCH. DEATH. IN. TTD. CHECK. IT. OUT------ (link below) I would say I'm sorry, but to those who know, I'm actually not. I love killing characters :) 💥 💥 Do you guys remember Trap the Dragon? My reedsycast from wayyyy earlier in the year. I'm rewriting it as an actual story!! I'm going to link it below as well as the original story and the characters and people behind the characters! Please comment with any edits or requests or just say hi! 💥 💥 OG TTD: 💥REWRITTEN TTD!!!!: 💥Please keep in mind I am still currently IN THE PROCESS OF rewriting and so below a certain point it is still a jumbled mess of nonsensical words - so yeah, I know it sucks - you don't have to tell me (psst...that's why I'm reWRitING :) If some of my stories don't make sense...then you're reading them correctly. Movie Emoji Puzzle!! 🔴🔵🕷️ Leaderboard: 1. Bill Cipher: 15 correct guesses 2. Ivy Carter: 13 correct guesses. 3. Luke: 9 correct guesses 4. E.D. Rosamund: 6 correct guesses 5. Sarah: 5 correct guesses 6. Keya M, Raven Achlys, Amel Parvez, Celeste, Annabelle: 4 correct guesses 11. Meera Lakshmi, Tony Stark, Sid the Sloth: 3 correct guesses 15. Carolina Shaw, Lone Wolf, Alya Kaikuahine, Jay Dmer, Palak Shah: 2 correct guesses 21. Isaac Aaron, Luna Colon, Ari Reynes, Maya Emmerson, Alya K., Amany Sayed, Kayla Lane, Brooke D, Tigeress, Jasey Lovegood, Sapphire, Sleepless in the South, Amethyst, Bucky Barnes, Sienna, Dhwani Jain, Blixxi, Philia S.: 1 correct guess ✨Officially The Fantasy Master Thanks so much for 596 followers! Really appreciate it ♡ ♥💕❤😘 [OG points: 13156] I appreciate any and all feedback. Don't be afraid to hash it all out, I can take it :) Check out my blog! :) My Writing Quiz: I don’t think any of the things that happen are coincidences. I think life is a series of stepping stones that branch out in all different directions. We have no idea what path we’re supposed to follow, so we tend to walk a straight line and follow the biggest stones because that’s the easiest thing to do. Coincidences are the smaller stones that lead you on a path that veers off. If you’re brave enough, you follow those stones, and you wind up exactly where you’re supposed to be. ꧁༺♥༻꧂