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I used to be a voracious reader and at times still am, although my tastes have changed. I focused almost exclusively on Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror originally. While I always liked the idea of writing, it remained only an idea. In the early 2000's, a friend of mine wrote a story that was published in a small, local rag that only survived one issue. While I liked the premise, I thought his story (and the others) was horribly written. But, he took the step and wrote when I hadn't. Big time kudo's to him. So I took the step and wrote my first story. It was atrocious. I wrote my second and it also lacked any redeemable quality. I happened on a critique site called Critters and started submitting there. The critiques were often thorough and brutal. I also joined another site, smaller and more personal, that offered both weekly prompts to work on technique and brutal, thorough critiques. I also subscribed to Writer's Digest and purchased quite a number of books on writing techniques. Slowly, my writing improved. Life happened, and I stopped writing for about 10 years. I joined Reedsy mostly because of the prompts. I have found many exceptional writers whose stories and techniques I can read and study.