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Title: My Depression, The Apple, and Redemption. Amidst the shadows of the mind, Where melancholy thoughts entwine, A specter haunts with mournful sighs, And paints the world in gloomy guise. Depression grips the weary soul, As dark as night, it takes its toll, And in its grasp, we often find, Our thoughts enslaved, our wills resigned. Like Adam, who in Eden's bower, Gave in to sin and fell from power, We too have tasted of the fruit, And now we bear the bitter root. Our hearts once full of joy and light, Are now consumed by endless night, And in this darkness, we must grope, To find a way to cope and hope. Yet still, we cling to that faint spark, Of hope that shines within the dark, And pray that we may yet be free, From this despair that plagues our sea. For though we stumble in our pain, We know that we shall rise again, And like the dawn that breaks the night, Our spirits too shall find new light. Author: Emanuel Diaz