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Hello there! My name is Cooper, I am a young writer who is so excited to finally share the worlds of stories in my head with the world. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I encourage you all to please comment your honest opinions. If my stories can use some improvement I want to know. So, random facts about me: Age: 18 I am a Christian I am officially committed to Ouachitah Baptist University and plan to start there in the fall of 2023 I am a Theatre kid through and through. I am a singer. When I grow up(NEVER!) I’m gonna be on Broadway while writing my stories on the side. I am male. I am Straight (sorry boys) I am devastatingly single LOL 😂 I love to draw and write Stories and poetry. Maybe I’ll publish one of my poems on here sometime. I love cooking witch is shown in my first story. I have to warn you, my stories can be dark and maybe triggering. I’ve been through terrible things in my life and that tends to be reflected in my stories, I’m sorry. BTW, I just started on Commaful so come read some of my poetry if you have the time! More Random facts about me: I am a Slytherin. My B-day is April 6th. I’m an Ares (duh). My favorite story that I’ve written is “Carli Evans And The Vigilante” My Enneagram number is 4. The emojis that best represents me: 🤪🤓🤣🥺❤️🤗. I am Dauntless I encourage y’all to read as many of my stories as possible because they’re all connected so for the best understanding and enjoyment I encourage y’all to read as many of my stories as you can. :) 🚨 ATTENTION ALL THEATRE KIDS!!! 🚨 I realized that I don’t know many other theatre kids on here. Now, what I mean by “theatre kid” is anyone who does theatre and/or has a passion for theatre regardless of age because theatre is a place where one can act childish and can pretend. So, I am reaching out to all my fellow Thespians! If you are a theatre kid, please comment on one of my stories so we can geek out about theatre together and become friends! I can’t wait to meet you all. #speedwriter #talkingtoyourselfisfun #weirdo #savedbygracethroughfaith #theatrekidforlife #Pacifist #Lovernotfighter #ShatterandCarli4eva #Onlythebestpeoplegettobecrazy #Custommade #Figuringthingsout