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Oh My Goodness! Thanks for 135 followers! I love all of you for supporting my writing so much!💖 I'm sorry if I haven't responded to any comments or bird beaks! I've been very sick lately and have spent most of my time sleeping! And sorry for not updating my bio for the past few weeks! I have been so busy with volleyball, basketball and school. I hope you all understand! Love you guys! Stay safe and wear your mask! Special thanks to Felicity Williams and Hannah Skifstad for reading, liking, and commenting on all of my stories! I appreciate you guys so much and everyone should read their stories! Hello everyone! My name is Artemisia! I go by Arte, but you can call me whatever:) I will tell you a little bit about myself! Favorite Books - Divergent Series, Red Queen Series, The Mortal Instruments Series, Cinder Series, etc.:)📗📘📙 Animal - FLAMINGOS!!!! The one in my profile picture is named Steve!!! Food - Beef Stroganoff🍝🥖 Color - Red🥓🌶🍅🍟🖍 Ice Cream Flavor - Coffee!! What else?🍦☕ Hobbies - Basketball, Volleyball, Acting, Writing, Baking🏀🏐🎭📝🥐 Restaurant - Olive Garden🥖🍝🍷🍰 Shoes - Wedged Mules!👡 Holiday - Halloween!🤡👸🎃👻 I am super friendly and will help anybody with story ideas. Just drop a comment in one of my stories and ask! But don't forget to read the story, and drop a like of course! Also don't be scared to ask me to read your story! I'm a big reader! OF THE WEEK! Color - 🌸🐷👾🍭 Emoji - 🏩 Food - 🍧 Story Suggestion (Generalized) - "Tender Shoots" By Joan Maguire. Story Suggestion of Mine - "From The Last To The First." Quote - "If your ship doesn't come in swim out to meet it." One of those inspirational coloring books :). Movie to Watch - Pride and Prejudice Here are some authors I find amazing, so go and check them out! If your name isn't here, it doesn't mean your writing is bad, it means you'll have something to look forward to:) B.W. Aerin B. 🌈 Cara Mccarthy Prathamesh Chavan Congrats if you see this message! That means you made it to the very end. Like and comment 'bird beak' on any [or all] of my stories. We shall use it as this weeks code word. I will read, comment, and like 2 of anyone's stories. Come back next week and read this bio for changes. 🐦 Here is a little snack for you! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 Be nice and share my birdies!!💖 Stay safe this week! P.s. I'm not sure if she has any stories, but my sister is Autumn Pearl. Check her out. If she doesn't then ..... Oops!