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Oh My Goodness! Thanks for 125 followers! I love all of you for supporting my writing so much!💖 Special thanks to Felicity Williams and Hannah Skifstad for reading, liking, and commenting on all of my stories! I appreciate you guys so much and everyone should read their stories! Hello everyone! My name is Artemisia! I go by Arte, but you can call me whatever:) I will tell you a little bit about myself! Favorite Books - Divergent Series, Red Queen Series, The Mortal Instruments Series, Cinder Series, etc.:)📗📘📙 Animal - FLAMINGOS!!!! The one in my profile picture is named Steve!!! Food - Beef Stroganoff🍝🥖 Color - Red🥓🌶🍅🍟🖍 Ice Cream Flavor - Coffee!! What else?🍦☕ Hobbies - Basketball, Volleyball, Acting, Writing, Baking🏀🏐🎭📝🥐 Restaurant - Olive Garden🥖🍝🍷🍰 Shoes - Wedged Mules!👡 Holiday - Halloween!🤡👸🎃👻 I am super friendly and will help anybody with story ideas. Just drop a comment in one of my stories and ask! But don't forget to read the story, and drop a like of course! Also don't be scared to ask me to read your story! I'm a big reader! OF THE WEEK! Color - 🏚🐻🏈🐡 Emoji - 💩 Food - 🥔 Story Suggestion of Mine - "Break The Rules And Be A Rebel." Quote - "Spaghetti is the rice of life." -A friend of mine Movie to Watch - Cinderella (Animated version) Here are some authors I find amazing, so go and check them out! If your name isn't here, it doesn't mean your writing is bad, it means you'll have something to look forward to:) B.W. Aerin B. 🌈 Cara Mccarthy Prathamesh Chavan Congrats if you see this message! That means you made it to the very end. Like and comment 'bird beak' on any [or all] of my stories. We shall use it as this weeks code word. I will read, comment, and like 2 of anyone's stories. Come back next week and read this bio for changes. There will be a new code word by next Friday! 🐦 Here is a little snack for you! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 Be nice and share my birdies!!💖 Stay safe this week! P.s. I'm not sure if she has any stories, but my sister is Autumn Pearl. Check her out. If she doesn't then ..... Oops!